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Heat Embossed Candles

You can customize a LOT with rubber stamps…but candles? You betcha. Watch as Kaitlyn and Paul use heat embossing and tissue paper to make personalized candles for any occasion.



- Hey Kaitlyn.

- Oh hi Paul, how's it going?

- Not good, I got this boring candle.

- Well how about we make it into this?

- What? How did you do that?

- Well, I burned some stamp impressions into it.

- Wow, can we do that to this one?

- We sure can.

- [Paul] Here's what you need.

- [Kaitlyn] Candles.

- [Paul] White tissue paper.

- [Kaitlyn] Rubber stamps.

- [Paul] Ink.

- [Kaitlyn] Embossing powder.

- [Paul] Scissors.

- And a heat tool. First matter of business, we're gonna stamp this cute little custom stamp, M and K in a heart.

- Mmkay.

- Mmkay. And we're gonna use it with some embossing ink, clear embossing ink, and we're just stamping on plain tissue paper.

- Now you gotta be quick, 'cause once that ink dries, you're done. That's my sheet, my planning sheet.

- Don't worry your pretty little head.

- We couldn't find any other paper? And then to get your moneys worth out of your embossing powder, just put that right back in. Don't sneeze.

- Now we're gonna heat this with the heat gun. Oh, oops.

- I think I inhaled some glitter. There you go.

- There we go. I think that's good. You know you'd think the tissue paper would go up in flames, but it doesn't.

- Do we want to do another impression, like a twofer on here? We are going to do another stamp impression. This time we're gonna do the opposite though, colored ink, and then clear powder. But the powder will turn, what is that? Blue.

- Peacock blue.

- I was gonna make a peacock sound but I don't know what that is.

- Do you wanna do this?

- Yeah.

- Have at it.

- You're kinda hogging. Nope ink first. Is this dry? Oh no, we're good, I'm just being weak.

- Ow. Move, move, move.

- Right, now the clear powder.

- Wow. I'm think there's still some-, oh my god. Here watch this.

- Don't emboss the table.

- Oh shoot, I forgot about that.

- Are you serious? We've got enough stains on here from all the projects.

- Oh.

- I don't know why I'm so like, jerky, it doesn't make things any quicker.

- Oh wow, that was quick.

- Instant. This one you can really tell.

- Yeah.

- Ta-da. We're gonna cut these out as close as possible to the impression. Oh sorry, do you wanna cut yours out?

- Yeah, come on.

- Sorry.

- Easy.

- It doesn't have to be perfect.

- Easy does it. Wunderbar. Now comes the fun part. This is a plain white candle.

- Unscented, no personality.

- We're gonna burn these embossed impressions onto this. Okay so I'm just gonna sort of place this on here, just lay it down. And then to start I'm just gonna kind of do it in the middle and let it stick to the candle, and it's just gonna embed it in as the wax melts.

- Hmm.

- Let the magic begin. Ah, a little bit more. .

- Wow.

- And there you have it boys and girls. A customized candle. Not bad rook.

- It just embeds right in.

- Alright, well I gotta do mine. Embossed side out?

- Out, yeah.

- Scalpel. Steve, you were supposed to get that extension cord.

- Steve, welcome to unemployment Steve.

- Yeah.

- Oh.

- Oh, okay.

- It's sticking to my finger.

- Well maybe you shouldn't have screwed up right away.

- What the.

- Straight in the middle.

- I was in the middle.

- No you were at the bottom. Right in the middle, there you go, now keep it on there until you see it stick.

- It got a little pool of wax.

- So sometimes you can get a little wax, see. So you just kinda wanna.

- It's a candle, of course. So you definitely wanna get it done quickly, 'cause as you can see I went a little long.

- It got a little melty.

- Great for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day.

- Yeah.

- That's about it. Thanks for tuning in, we hope you enjoyed this project. Be sure to check out our other projects if you haven't yet.

- Let us know if you have any suggestions of other projects we should do.

- I'm Paul.

- And I'm Kaitlyn.

- And this is.

- [Both singing] Fake It Till You Make It. Thanks for watching mum! Love you.

- I'm glad we both knew we were gonna sing, we didn't plan that.

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