Self-Inking Stamp Tutorial

Recently bought an ExcelMark self-inking stamp and need a little help? We've got your back. Watch this self-inking stamp tutorial video for directions on how to re-ink, flip over and replace the ink pad.

Self-Inking Stamp Directions

If you notice your self-inking stamp impressions are getting light, it probably means the ink pad is getting low. Here, we'll show you how to easily fix this so your stamp lasts for years to come!

Flipping Over the Ink Pad

First, push the stamp down and press the red buttons to lock it in place. Then with the back of the stamp facing you, push the ink pad out. Grab the pad by the edges, flip it over, and re-insert it back into the stamp. Push the stamp down slightly to release the lock, and then it's ready!

Re-Inking the Ink Pad

If you've already used the flipped side of the reversible ink pad, then you just have to re-ink the pad. Self-inking stamps work best with a water-based ink. Simply add a few drops to the ink pad and then use the tip of the bottle to evenly spread the ink. Let the ink settle for a couple of minutes before putting the pad back into the stamp. After this, your stamp is good to go!

Replacing the Ink Pad

Need a new ink pad? Find a replacement ink pad here. Be sure it's for your specific stamp mount!

Prolonging the life of your self-inking stamp is really that easy. For a large selection of self-inking stamps and accessories, head to!


  • Posted on by

    Hi Joyce — Do you mean an ExcelMark Eco Stamp? If so, push the stamp down and press the front green button to lock it into place. Locate ink pad handle at the back of the stamp. Grasp the ink pad by the handle, pull it out, re-ink, and then re-insert. Push up the bottom of the stamp to unlock. Hope that helps!

  • Posted on by Joyce Rogers

    I have a Green Line rubber stamp. I need to ink it. I followed the instructions on the back, but I cannot get to the ink pad. It doesn’t have a slide out pad like most.

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