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10 Genius Holiday Card Ideas

Since when did sending holiday cards become just stuffing a card into an envelope and calling it a day? Follow these 10 genius holiday card ideas to really step up your snail mail game. Convenient for the sender, and festive for the recipient!

1. Signature Stamps

Instead of signing your name on every single card, make a custom stamp of your festive greeting and signature instead! No one will ever know it literally took a second to add.

2. Washi Tape

Adding a strip of the ever-versatile washi tape to your envelope will not only help secure it, but also add a polished, festive look.

3. Craft Stamps

There are infinite ways to incorporate craft stamps into your holiday cards, whether it's adding a small embellishment to the flap of your envelope, or making your own handmade creation.

4. Stickers

Who doesn't love stickers?! Even if you're not a crafty person, placing a few holiday stickers on the envelope before you mail it out is so simple and makes for a merry finish.

Holiday Stickers | 10 Ways To Dress Up Your Holiday Cards

5. Return Address Stamps

If you're sending out multiple holiday cards, writing out your address on each one is not only a pain, but so time consuming, too! A return address stamp is convenient, always neat and takes a fraction of the time.

6. Confetti

If you really want to pack a punch with your holiday cards, adding a little confetti into the envelope before you seal it will really boost the festivity. It's a party in an envelope!

Envelope Confetti | 10 Ways To Dress Up Your Holiday Cards

7. Custom Embossers

An easy way to create a classic, old-world touch to your holiday cards is by incorporating a custom embosser. With just a quick squeeze on the envelope flap, your holiday card will look 100 times more elegant!

8. Calligraphy

If you really want to stun your holiday snail mail recipients, take a stab at some calligraphy or hand lettering! It can seem intimidating at first, but once you find your specific style, your outgoing mail will ooze sophistication.

Calligraphy | 10 Ways To Dress Up Your Holiday Cards

9. Heat Embossing

Not to be confused with embossers, heat embossing includes the use of ink, embossing powder and a heat source. It creates a hardened, shiny surface that makes all your paper crafts and stamp impressions look professional. Create a handmade card that you know for sure no one else will have.

10. Envelope Liners

Take your holiday cards from drab to fab with a DIY envelope liner. Fancy stationery can be pricey, but adding your own liner to a plain envelope creates an expensive look without the expensive cost.



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