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How to Make DIY Envelope Liners

DIY envelope liners are a simple way to add interest and drama to an otherwise simple piece of mail. Whether you're sending a letter to a pen pal or creating wedding stationery, envelope liners add just the right amount of polish. Custom rubber stamps can give you even more personalizing opportunities, and are especially fitting for weddings or special events.

"Using rubber stamps on your liners allows you to add a special, personalized touch to each one."

DIY Envelope Liners: Materials

Follow these simple steps to create your own DIY envelope liners!

  • Envelopes
  • White cardstock or fun scrapbook paper
  • Watercolors / cup of water
  • Paintbrush
  • Rubber stamps
  • Stamp ink
  • Glue stick or tape runner
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

DIY Envelope Liners: Instructions

1. Paint the liner.

If you're not a fan of painting, you can definitely substitute colored scrapbooking paper or your desired type of paper. But if you just have plain white paper, you can still create something vibrant! Stick to just one or two colors, or go for an ombré effect. Allow your painting to dry fully. If you have any warping, cover it with a few books and allow it to flatten overnight.

2. Trace & cut.

Trace your envelope with a pencil, and then cut out your outline.

3. Trim.

Trim about half an inch from the bottom, and about an eighth of an inch from each of the sides.

4. Stamp.

Now's the time to personalize the liner! Add impressions of your favorite stock craft stamps or bring a totally unique look with a custom stamp.

5. Insert.

Insert the liner into its envelope.

6. Fold down and glue.

Hold down the liner so it doesn’t shift, and fold down the envelope flap to create a crease. Then lift up the envelope flap and add glue or a tape runner to the backside of the liner.

8. Stick.

Close the envelope flap down to stick to the liner and smooth it out.

Add your card or stationery!



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