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20 DIY Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

We're always on the hunt for crafting inspiration. An awesome source for creativity can be found in something most of us check every day: Instagram! Here are 20 DIY Instagram accounts to help spark your making imagination.

20 DIY Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

A Beautiful Mess is the OG of DIY lifestyle blogs. Find everything from home makeovers, beautiful stationery, makeup tips, recipes, how to edit your photos and even how to start a blog yourself. Their motto? "Stay home + make something."

Amber of Damask Love always keeps it real, fun and light when it comes to crafting. Her feed is colorful and relatable, and will constantly have you saying, "Yeah, I can do that."

Learn how to throw the most BOMB party of all time with a little help from Oh Happy Day. Get tutorials on everything you never knew you needed, like a giant takeout box photobooth, a Parisian cafe backdrop and a Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle pinata.

Another awesomely colorful account is The Crafted Life, where you will find tips and ideas on how to create the stylish, fun life you've always wanted -- without having to spend an arm and a leg.

If you're looking for entertaining, helpful DIY videos, this is the account to follow. Here you'll find tutorials on stamping, bullet journals, embossing, stencils and more.

Studio DIY takes a unique outlook on the creative lifestyle. If you're into funky fashion, party-throwing and colorful recipes, this account is sure to put a smile on your face.

Their bio reads, "Style+DIY+Food+Family" which encapsulates The Pretty Life Girls perfectly. Get a constant feed of all things pretty when you follow these two inventive sisters.

When it comes to DIY Instagram accounts, nobody makes food look more delicious and more beautiful than Sugar & Cloth. Get all their yummy recipes, plus some awesome crafts and stylish decor.

Handmade Charlotte proves that crafts don't have to be complicated to be cool. Find simple DIYs that both you and the whole family can enjoy.

Oh Joy is more than just the creator of chic, colorful luggage and adorable baby accessories. It has one of the best crafting blogs and DIY Instagram accounts around!

We heart Sarah Hearts. This bright and bubbly Instagram account features everything from DIYs, recipes, wallpapers, printables, earrings and more.

Everyone needs more crafting memes in their life. Get your fill on A Girl And A Glue Gun, along with a plethora of DIYs and genius ideas.

Tell Love and Party is chock-full of pretty pastels and non-intimidating DIY tutorials, including ideas for parties, holidays, home decor and more.

"Revelry. Everyday. Everywhere." Remember not to take life too seriously by following A Subtle Revelry. Craft your way to a happier life!

Make and Tell is a crafting resource paradise, offering fierce desktop wallpapers, free printables and lovely DIY tutorials. Inspiration awaits!

CaroDIY may be based in Germany, but the love for crafting is universal! You'll love the constant stream of fun videos and vibrant photos. Ain't nothing a little Google translate can't fix.

What started out as someone making a simple handbag led to a colorful, full-blow DIY blog. Find all things crafts, home decor, parties, food and holidays!

The House that Lars Built helps you turn everything you do into art. Whether it's the books you read, how you host, what you wear, how you decorate or what you make, you'll find inspiration in all colors of the rainbow.

BlissMakes shows how crafting can be meditative, healing, and, well, blissful! See how to channel your creativity into home decor, recipes and one-of-a-kind crafts.

Ok, we might be a little biased, but we've got some pretty cool DIYs ourselves! Find tons of stamping ideas, tutorials, tips, giveaways and sale reminders to get the supplies for your next craft project.

What are your favorite DIY Instagram accounts? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Thanks for the recommendation, Jo-Anne!

  • Hey if you’re ever looking for more accounts to feature. @materialcurls is a really good one! They are so real and show that even beginners can be diyers

    - Jo-Anne Burgos

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