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6 Unexpected Materials to Use for Your Business Logo Stamp

If you use stamps in the marketing of your business (and if you aren't, what are you waiting for?) it's important to remember you are not just bound to stamping on paper. There are countless ways to use a business logo stamp and many materials to use them on. In this blog, we will walk you through several materials that can be a great place to expand your branding such as; clay, ceramic, fabric, wood, leather, plastic, and even cookies! Using stamps in creative ways and on unexpected surfaces can create countless branding opportunities for your business and can go a long way in building your brand's personality.

Logo Stamps for Clay and Ceramic

Business Logo Stamp for Clay

One material you might not have thought of stamping on is clay. Clay is a perfect material for stamping. As @stonypointpottery showcases in the first picture above, stamps can be a great tool in easily incorporating designs into pottery. The beautiful thing about stamping on clay is that you don't need any ink, all you need to do is stamp the design directly into the clay while it is soft. The rubber stamp should leave a perfect indent of your logo directly into the clay itself. If you want to take your branding a step further, you can use paint to color in your logo and make your brand stand out!

Business Logo Stamp for Ceramic

If the Clay is already in the Kiln, don't worry! Once the clay becomes ceramic, like @alexmaciasceramics shows in the picture above, you can just stamp your business logo right on the bottom of your bowl. Make sure you are using ink that stays on a non-porous surface, we recommend StazOn Solvent Ink Pads. Just adding a small stamp of your logo onto your products can help spread brand awareness and build a professional image.

Stamping on Fabric

Business Logo Stamp for Fabric

One of the most common surfaces to stamp on, other than paper and cardboard, is fabric. Fabric can be an excellent surface for stamping and can allow you to showcase your business logo on items such as; tote bags, banners, packaging, etc. When stamping on fabric there are two ink choices we recommend, you can either use Re:Marks Ink Pads and heat set them or use a Versacraft ink pad that is specially designed for stamping on fabric. Take a look above at this cute little canvas bag @SaltAndPineCo has stamped their logo, it seems to suit their brand well! Stamping on fabric can not only help spread brand awareness, but it can also give your brand a rustic look that may resonate well with your customers, especially if you are an outdoorsy brand.

Logo Stamps for Wood

Business Logo Stamp for Wood

Another material you may not have thought to stamp your business logo on is wood. Stamping on wood is very similar to stamping on paper, however, instead of traditional Pigment Ink Pads, use our StazOn Solvent Ink Pads which work on a variety of surfaces. If you are using non-finished natural wood, then we recommend sticking with the Pigment Ink Pads. @mitchelltimberworks uses logo stamps to add some branding on the bottom of his wooden bowls, this small but significant addition is critical in spreading brand awareness. Stamping your logo on your product can go a long way in building brand recognition and may also make your business appear more established and professional.

Logo Stamps for Leather

Business Logo Stamp for Leather

One material you might not expect to be the perfect place to stamp your business logo is leather. Just like stamping on wood, to stamp your design on leather, you will need to use our StazOn Solvent Ink Pads as normal pigment ink will not stick to the leather and will likely smudge. Adding your logo to a high-quality material like leather will help improve the appearance of your brand while also continuing to spread brand awareness. As @idostuff showcases above, adding your logo to the inside of a leather case or pouch not only looks fantastic but also can heighten your brand identity by tying your logo to a product made of a premium material. This is perfect for a boutique clothing store selling leather products or even for a hardware store selling leather covers and cases.

Logo Stamps for Plastic

Business Logo Stamp for Plastic

Plastic is another, slightly more common, material that is ideal for stamping. The beautiful thing about plastic is that everywhere it is, your business logo can be too. From bags and packaging to cups and water bottles, the stamping possibilities are endless with stamping on plastic. Just like stamping on wood and leather, you will need to use our StazOn Solvent Ink Pads as normal pigment ink will not stick. Stamping your logo on the plastic packaging of a product before it ships out, as @Emily.Lorraine.Designs shows above, is an easy but effective way to enhance the branded customer experience so when their package arrives the first thing they will see is your logo. Not only will this improve the overall branding of your business it will also act as free advertising to anyone who sees the package before the customer. Any business can benefit from stamping their logo on plastic, and it doesn't have to just be packaging. For example, if you run a bike shop try picking up some blank plastic water bottles, stamp your logo on them and hand them out free with purchases as an easy way to spread brand awareness.

Stamped Cookies

Business Logo Stamp for Stamped Cookies

Lastly, a surprising material to stamp your business logo on is cookies...that's right, I said cookies! But wait how do you stamp a cookie? Stamping cookies is a lot like stamping clay, there is no ink required and all you have to do is stamp your logo directly into the cookie dough, like a mold. Once they are finished baking the design should be baked right into the cookie. As shown above, @redcottagecookieco uses stamps to put their business logo directly into the cookies they offer. This creative cookie design not only helps with branding but can also catch the eye of the customer who will likely stop to take a closer look. Stamping your logo into cookies is perfect for bakeries but it can also be a creative and effective form of marketing for any business. If you're a local small business, try baking some cookies with your logo stamped into them and give them away at the checkout desk as a way to build relationships with your customers while simultaneously promoting your brand.

The possibilities of stamping are endless. Don't be afraid to experiment with different materials to find new ways to support your brand and promote your logo. Using stamps to share your logo is an easy way to spread brand awareness and there is no need to limit yourself to just using paper!



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