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A Peek Into Marissa A. Brockhoff's Incredible Illustrations

Here at we are always thrilled to find artists and businesses that use our stamps to help them succeed! We were lucky enough to get in contact with Marissa Brockhoff, the artist and owner of the one woman show BAM Illustrations, and discuss with her how she has incorporated rubber stamps into their business strategy.

Can you tell us a little bit more about BAM Illustrations?

BAM Illustrations is a one woman owned small business! I (Marissa) am the sole creator for BAM illustrations. Since I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology I have always been looking for ways to share my art with the world. So starting a couple years ago I created BAM to do just that! I have participated in many local markets and conventions and have become a well known artist in the Orlando creative community within the past year. I have done a few murals for local businesses back in NY where I grew up, including doctor offices, dance studios, coffee shops and more. I've also done window painting during the holidays as well!

Is there anything specific you'd like readers to know about your business?

BAM Illustrations was created as an outlet for me to share my illustration work. When I graduated from FIT I was only able to find graphic design positions, which I absolutely love to do, but they didn't express my ability to paint/draw most of the time. So I created an Instagram page for BAM where I started sharing my work. Since then I have participated in markets and comic cons and I've also opened up to doing commission work!

What was the inspiration behind your logo?

When I was creating my logo I wanted it to be an extension of me. So BAM is actually my initials backwards and the A I turned into a pencil as a way to show exactly what I do. The pencil represents the tool I always use when I start sketching a new project.

How do you use your stamps and why?

I use my stamps to brand my products, bags and packaging! I decided to use rubber stamps because they have so many options to choose from and the clear stamps were perfect for what I need.

How Can Customers Find You?

In order to shop, get in contact with, and see more from BAM Illustrations, check out their Instagram and website!


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