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A Chat with Blu Mountain Co

Looking to spruce up your keys with style and functionality? Well, Alissa Miller, the founder and creative force behind Blu Mountain Co, has the best handmade leahther key chains and accessories you can find!

We sat down with Alissa to discuss her business, her key chains, and how she has used our custom stamps to help brand her company!

Can you tell us a little bit more about Blu Mountain Co?

Bly Mountain Co. is a handmade leather goods and accessories shop that offers quality goods made in Milwaukee, Wi by me, Alissa Miller. I have been making bottle opener keychains since 2017. Since the opener, I have added many keychain varieties, dog collars, recycled beer bottle planers and most recently minimal wallets. Most items can be personalized for the perfect custom gift that its made to last. Cheers to simple and functional pieces handmade with care!

Where do you find the inspiration for your designs?

I focus on the quality of the materials and end use of the product. From there, the designs kind of seem to come together themeselves. In general my designs are utilitarian in nature and can be used by everyone.

Is there a product/project you are most proud of?

I am really excited about the new minimal wallets I have in the works for the holiday season. Also, I am really proud of the 1st product I started making, bottle opener keychains, is still my top selling product!

We really love your logo for the stamp. What was your inspiration behind it?

When making the logo, I wanted to stick with a minimalistic geometric design. I had to have a mountian of course to go with the name.

How are you using your stamps?

I use my stamp to put my logo on canvas bags that all my products go in. Customers love the little bags and the stamped logo just adds the perfect touch to make my branding cohesive.

Why did you decide to use a rubber stamp, as compared to another branding options?

THis self-inking stamp was a no brainer for me! it is fast to stamp, not messy and easy to use. I was recommended this stamp from my sister and it works out perfectly.

How can customers find you?

To shop, get in contact with, and see more from Blu Mountain Co. check out their Etsy Shop and Instagram page.


Tell us how your small business got started, why you do what you do, and how you decided to use rubber stamps in your business. We'd love to share your story with others and inspire more people to support small and dream big!

Thanks for sharing your story, we love a good read. We'll stay in touch and reach out shortly.
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