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4 Homemade Wrapping Paper Ideas

Want a fun and easy alternative to overpriced holiday gift wrap? Look no further! Homemade wrapping paper can be done in so many ways. The best part? You can personalize different gifts for each recipient. Here are 4 fun, cheap, and easy ideas to create your own homemade wrapping paper for any special gift giving event!

1. Easy Stamped Kraft Paper

Stamped wrapping paper is an easy and fun way to customize a gift wrap. With a few simple materials, any design can be created in just minutes – perfect for adding a personal touch to your presents! Stamped wrapping paper also makes great wall art or scrapbooking material. All you need to get started are stamps, ink pads, and paper – or you can use stamps and fabric paint to create unique wrapping paper for a special occasion.

With stamping, the possibilities are endless! Get creative and make your own custom wrapping paper that will amaze your friends and family. Try using different stamps to create patterns, mix up colors, and add extra flair with glitter accents.

Add ribbon or string to further stylize your gift, and voilà, a beautiful package awaits.

2. Make it 3D

Who ever said homemade wrapping paper can't be 3-dimensional? 3D wrapping paper is a great way to add some extra excitement to your gift-wrapping! With just a few materials such as pom poms, ribbons, buttons and more, you can create custom and unique designs that are sure to delight the recipient of your gift.

To make 3D wrapping paper, you'll need to begin by covering your surface in a sheet of plain paper. Then, with the help of glue guns or double-sided tape, attach pom poms, ribbons and other decorative items to the paper. Be creative! You can even cut shapes from construction paper or cardstock and add them for even more dimension and texture.

Once you've finished, cut the paper to fit your gift! Not only will it make your gift look extra special, but it also provides a fun activity for both children and adults alike. So get creative and try making some 3D homemade wrapping paper today!

3. Upload Your Own Custom Photo

Making unique holiday wrapping paper with custom stamps that you upload is a fun and creative way to add an extra special touch to your presents this season. It's a great way to express yourself and make gifts that are truly one-of-a kind. With just a few basic supplies and some creative ideas, you can create personalized wrapping paper that will wow your friends and family.

Try turning the face of your favorite pet or person into custom wrapping paper! Personalize by stamping each wrapped gift with the recipients face or the face of their beloved pet. Try uploading a pet photo or "Uncle Joe" dressed up as Santa to stylize your gift.

4. Use Gift Tags to "Wrap"

Have an odd shaped gift you're not quite sure how to wrap? Are your gift wrapping skills less than subpar? Gift tags are an easy way to "wrap" gifts and still look just as sophisticated.

Making your own gift tags for presents is an inexpensive way to show someone you care. It’s also a great way to make something unique and special. All you need is your favorite stamp, sciccors, and some yarn to complete the project.



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