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Amanda Dunigan and the Salt & Pine Company

Looking for some new apparel to spice up your closet? Look no further. We had a chance to chat with the amazing Amanda Dunigan about her t-shirts and accessories company. Below you will find her inspiration for using our stamps and exactly what she does with them.  

What was your inspiration for Salt & Pine Company?

I am truly a creative soul! I've been in the restaurant industry for over ten years and tried endless nine-to-fives and just realized I needed more! I honestly never imagined my business would grow to where it is today — making shirts for my last (little did I know) bar gig, completely changed my life! It is unreal to think I am a full-time crafter and am completely humbled by the love and support I have received thus far.

How did you go about creating the logo for your stamp?  

I get a lot of people ask how I came up with the name of the brand, and honestly, I have no straight answer! Once things started building, I knew I wanted it to be a Maine vision, and just started googling things that described my state as a whole — it just clicked! My OG logo was created by me in the start, and I knew it was time for a fresh rebrand! I wanted my new logo to describe the name, as a whole — with delicate features and a monoline style. My vision couldn't have been met any better, honestly — I am in love with it!

How are you using your stamps?

Oh the beloved stamps...much like my logo, I LOVE simplicity. My packaging at first was poly mailers and just not the vision I wanted to continue. Anything kraft color related is a favorite, and I knew kraft boxes and mailers would be the perfect touch, while still adding stamps to give them that extra love. I love that I can continue the same packaging, and change up the stamp!

Why did you decide to use

I love the look of rubber stamps, honestly. With different amounts of pressure, comes a different loom with the stamp, and you guys really helped bring that rustic, simple vision to life!

Where can people find you to shop?

To shop the Salt & Pine Company you can either go to their website or their instagram.


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