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Hand-Poured Happiness from Oakmont Candle Works

Sometimes we need to be reminded about the importance of the little things in life. When chatting with Tabatha Flanick of Oakmont Candle Works, she helped us realize that even while we are stuck at home, we can still enjoy our lives to the fullest. For everyone, this may look a little different, but I think we can all agree that a good smell always brightens our day.

What is your goal with your shop?

My goal with my little shop is to bring clean burning candles that are as organic as possible and quality products into each home. To have Oakmont Candle be known across the U.S. would be an amazing surprise. When lighting one of our candles, I want it to bring comfort, light up a room, and a feeling of peace and calmness to your day. When you enter my shop, instantly you feel a sense of calm and coziness. Each one of our candles are hand poured and labeled by me, my husband or one of my parents or children.

What products go into making your candles?

We use organic soy, which is grown right here in the USA. Our wick is all cotton and dipped in beeswax (no harm to the bees!) but makes for an even more clean burn! And those are all U.S. made as well. As well as the glass we use is made by a manufacturer here in the states.

How do you pick what fragrance to use?

We listen to each of our customers on what scents they enjoy, want or create. Whether that be a warm apple pie baked good scent, or a relaxing lavender, or a honeysuckle. Each season brings new scents, and we love our customers' reactions to them. Most fragrances return because they were a hit. We try to create that fragrance that can take you back to a memory you may have when you smell that specific scent. Candles are one of the things that can bring you back to your childhood in one whiff.

How did you pick your logo?

Our sweet town of Oakmont is known as a walking community with oak tree lined streets, some of which are still brick. So there was no doubt that the acorn was definitely going to be my logo. Plus, I have a love for acorns!

How do you use our services and why?

We use our rubber stamp on each one of our kraft paper bags that each of our customers receive filled with their goodie purchases. We also stamp our online delivery order boxes as they leave our shop. I love the easy process has to order your personal stamp. The customer service is absolutely wonderful and the product is received fast.

How can customers find you?

In order to shop and see more from Oakmont Candle Works, check out their Instagram and website!


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