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Back to School DIY with Emoji Stamps

We may not be as young and hip as we used to be, but we still love emojis! With the addition of new emoji stamps on, we immediately started brainstorming projects to use them with. These two simple projects are easy back-to-school DIY projects for children ages 5 to 95!

DIY Emoji Stamped Notebooks

Not happy with your plain, boring notebooks? Add some style and color with emoji rubber stamps and pigment ink.

Try a vertical line design...
...a horizontal line design...
...or an all-over approach.

Use just your favorite emoji.

...or all of them. The options are endless!

DIY Emoji Stamped Pencil Pouch

Another quick DIY idea is to stamp a plain pencil pouch. For a more permanent design, we used the emoji stamps with fabric paint instead of ink. Using a sponge brush, we applied a thin layer of paint onto the stamp's rubber and pressed down firmly onto the fabric.

Just like the notebooks, don't be afraid to get creative with your designs and colors! Here we stuck to a chic, black, all-over look.
And here we stamped just a simple line.
After this DIY, your pens and pencils will be stored and carried in style!

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