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5 DIY Projects for a Baby-Q

There's something about good food and celebration that are the perfect match. And what better way to celebrate the birth of a child than by having a food-themed party?

A baby-Q is the perfect solution for a laid-back, gender-neutral shower. Here are five simple DIY projects for a charming, farm-themed shindig.

1. Invites

To go with your rustic party, you'll need matching rustic invites! Stamps are a simple way to do just that. Choose your desired stamp mount, then add your party details text, or upload a custom-designed file. Here we went with a mason jar look. Stamp your impression on craft paper add checkered ribbon to tie in the BBQ theme.

2. Stamping Station: DIY Onesies & Burp Cloths

A fun activity for guests to do is stamping onesies and/or burp cloths. Set out some fabric paint and our engraved-wood animal stamp set and let them go crazy. Everyone will love getting those creative juices flowing, and you'll think of all your friends and family each time you change or burp your baby.

3. Well Wishes for Baby Card

Have your guests write down their hopes for baby on these DIY “well wishes” cards. Simply stamp on plain white paper, back it with craft paper, and then back it one more time with checkered scrapbook paper.

4. "Thank Moo for Coming" Favor

Your guests will need some dessert after all that barbecue, so send them home with a jar of tasty animal crackers! Dress up the jar with cow print fabric under the screw-top lid, ribbon and a tag with our Thank Moo For Coming stamp.

5. "About to Pop" Drinks

Here's an easy way spruce up soda pop and other fizzy drinks: Use our About To Pop stamp on a sticker, wrap the drink in a brown paper bag or craft paper, and slap the sticker on. Add a cow print straw and checkered ribbon for a special touch.


  • Hi Beth,
    Unfortunately, we don’t have in-house customer graphic designers at the moment. So sorry for the inconvenience!

  • I absolutely love the mason jar invitations, and would love to get a stamp exactly like that for a shower I’m hosting in october. However, trying to figure out how to make that on my own might be more than I can handle. Could I get some help designing that stamp?

    - Beth

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