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Behind the Art with Rise and Earthshine

Do you love nature and are you a fan of art? Well, rise and shine! It's time to take a dive into some incredible art centered around nature!

We were thrilled to get the chance to speak with Reina Waller of Rise and Earthshine about her art, her business, and how rubber stamps have helped her cultivate her brand!

Can you tell us a little bit more about Rise & Earthshine?

Rise & Earthshine is a nature-centric art business known for pressed flower art and what I've coined as "flower flags". I started picking & pressing wildflowers in those first few months of the 2020 pandemic lockdown, simply because it brought me sheer joy during such unprecedented times.

In the blink of an eye, I had a tremendous collection of pressed flowers and leaves and, organically, I started making art with my findings. I forage for almost all of my own materials - wildflowers, leaves and even bugs! I've recently branched out into experimenting with cyanotype (solar) printing, and am always brainstorming new ways to incorporate and utilize nature and all that it has to offer.

How did you first get into making art? What drew you to nature?

I have been an artist my whole life! I've dabbled in many different mediums throughout the years, and even graduated with a BFA in Photography in 2014. I was a wedding photographer for a handful of years, and am now a full time graphic designer. While I love my day job, my passions truly reside in the art that I create, and I pour all of my heart & soul into my business - Rise & Earthshine.
I've always been drawn to nature. Even as a child, you could find me looking for cool rocks in the creek bed or picking flowers to tuck away in books to press. Pressing flowers during the pandemic helped me reconnect with all the simple things about childhood that I loved.
Once I married my love of nature and love of art, it was like an "Aha!" moment; it just made sense, and made me realize that I had found my artistic niche. My mother was also an avid gardener and she nurtured my curiosity and love of the Earth while I was growing up; I think her influence really shaped who I am as an artist, and truly, who I am as a person as well.

I've noticed the moon in a lot of your designs, is there a significance there to you?

One of the first flower flag designs I ever created was in the shape of a crescent moon, and it was in that particular moment of completion that I absolutely fell in love with botanical art. I'm constantly inspired by the moon and celestial elements, so incorporating that into my work is second nature to me. Part of my business name, "Earthshine", by definition, is the dull glow that lights up the unlit part of a crescent moon.

This phenomenon is caused by the Sun's light reflecting off the Earth's surface and back onto the moon. Furthermore, Rise & Earthshine is a play on the common term "Rise and Shine", which speaks to the outlook that I try to cultivate for myself every day (especially during those early pandemic days).

We really love your logo for the stamp. What was your inspiration behind it?

I designed my logo myself, which is based directly off of my very first moon flower flag that I spoke about previously! I'm reminded of the beginning stages of Rise & Earthshine everytime I see my logo; recalling where it began and how far I've come in the last two years is such a special gift that I hold dear to my heart. All of the elements of my logo - the flowers, the moon and the play on the classic "Rise and Shine" phrase really embody who I am and what my business stands for.

How are you using your stamps?

I have a few different stamps that I use, literally, daily! I use a small stamp of my social media name (@riseandearthshine) to brand the back of my stickers and smaller products so that my in-person customers (local art markets or purchased from a wholesale carrier can easily connect with me after a purchase.

I also use my moon logo stamp in a variety of sizes to brand all of my shipping packaging and art market sale packaging. I've been brainstorming a couple new stamp designs to brand my art prints with as well; we'll see where that goes!

Why did you decide to use a rubber stamp, as compared to another branding option?

Stamps are a far more sustainable product than promotional stickers, pamphlets, etc, and will last me years if taken care of properly. On top of that, an ink stamp has a genuine, authentic feel to me; I just really enjoy that last little connection it gives me to my art and to the customer.

How can customers find you?

To shop, get in contact with, and see more from Rise & Earthshine check out their Etsy Shop and Instagram page!


Tell us how your small business got started, why you do what you do, and how you decided to use rubber stamps in your business. We'd love to share your story with others and inspire more people to support small and dream big!

Thanks for sharing your story, we love a good read. We'll stay in touch and reach out shortly.
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