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DIY Graduation Party Favors: Thank You Cookies!

Whether you're looking for a fun activity to do with your friends or a thoughtful way of thanking your guests, these DIY graduation party favors from @CraftingShouldBeMessy are the perfect solution! We partnered with Caitlin, who is behind @CraftingShouldBeMessy, and she walked us through how to make these easy one-of-a-kind graduation party favors with rubber stamps. They're the perfect way to show your appreciation to your friends and family. So get creative and have fun with this delicious party favor!

Materials Needed:

1. Create the Foundation

The first step to making your cookie graduation party favors is to cut out paper squares to act as the foundation of your thank you note. To do this, either trace your outline on paper using a pencil and ruler or use a cutter if available. The size is relative to the cookies you have made or bought, but in this example, we cut our paper to be 3x3.

2. Customize Your Favorite Stamp

In our example, we used a 2x4 custom wood stamp that reads "Thanks For Coming To My Party," but you are free to customize this to say anything you'd like. Another option is to use a clear rubber stamp which, if you already have an acrylic block, would be an easy addition to your stamp collection. If you are looking for ideas, you could include the name of the college the grad will attend or maybe the company's name from a job they accepted.

3. Ink

Now that the foundation's cut, it's time to turn your stamp over and apply your ink. ReMarks ink is a high-quality pigment ink that works perfectly for this project.

4. Let's Add an Accent

When it comes to the gold or silver accent paper, the decision is up to you. It can either be something precut found at a craft store or traced and cutfrom cardstock. The important thing to remember, is adding a place to tie the ribbon to ensure the thank you note stays on the cookie.

To achieve this, you want to outline a circle on each end of your accent paper that is big enough to fit and support your ribbon. Finally, cut your accent paper slightly larger than the foundation paper you stamped on by placing the foundation on your cardstock and tracing a perimeter around it.

5. Glue and Assemble

This step is a sigh of relief and only requires gluing your stamped foundations to your accent paper. A glue stick or liquid glue will work perfectly fine for this step. Allow 30 seconds for your finished design to dry before tying on ribbons.

5. Ribbons!

You made it! The only thing left to do is cut large enough strips of ribbons to wrap around your cookies and attach your thank you note. Your guests will not only appreciate the gesture, but your experience can be a fun conversation starter at the event! Happy Graduation!

Find more crafting inspiration like this by following Caitlin below:

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