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Custom Appreciation Cards for Small Business Owners - Craftic

For small business owners, it is so important to show appreciation to their customers. There are so many options for consumers to choose from to find the products they need and, while so many large businesses have the resources to win on shipping and price, many people turn to small businesses for that more personal touch.

"A personalized note can go a long way in making your customers feel appreciated."

As a business owner you have so many things on your plate and likely don't have the time to write a note for each customer. This is where a personalized note can go a long way in making your customers feel appreciated, connected to your brand, and more likely to shop from you again. Craftic has the perfect solution. Using custom stamps, Craftic has made these delightful thank you cards that elevate your packaging and provide the personal touch to the shopping experience that so many customers are looking for.

Craftic is one of our favorite crafting tutorial sites out there. What makes Craftic so unique is that, for each project, they help guide you to make something out of the materials you already have around your house. Craftic creates easy-to-follow tutorials that are accessible for anyone regardless of their crafting experience.

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