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A Small Businesses Guide to Holiday Marketing (With Stamps)

Well, let's just say it...The holidays are expensive! Not only do we lighten our own wallets, but for small businesses, each year competition, paid marketing, and print costs keep getting more challenging. But before you throw up your hands and give up, there is hope! Thousands of small businesses, just like yours have found the secret to affordable marketing and branding. Follow our guide to holiday marketing with tips from other small businesses and you'll be on your way to marketing your business at scale and on a budget for the holidays.

1) Branded Paper Shopping Bags

"I've used other branding products...I felt I was wasting valuable resources." - Sugar Plum by Kate

One of the easiest ways to market your small business for the holidays is to easily stamp your logo directly on paper bags as a marketing opportunity. Other branding options waste small business' resources such as cost, set up time, shipping and packaging. Sugar Plum by Kate loves that a rubber stamp "provides a lot of flexibility for marketing my company."

2) Boxes and Packaging

" I love the way the rubber stamps look and I think it adds an extra touch of “one-of-a-kind”-ness" - Shannon Scates, Unparalleled Art

If you're stressed about increased shipping costs, saving money without sacrificing your marketing quality is likely a top priority. Rubber stamps are chosen by many small businesses as a cost-effective option for holiday marketing because of the flexibility to add your brand to anything. There are many ways to add marketing by using rubber stamps for your small business deliveries this holiday season:

  • Stamp on corrugated boxes for deliveries
  • Easily brand brown or white Kraft boxes for products
  • Stamp on shipping mailers
  • Add your logo to tissue paper

3) Share, Share, Share! Add Your Social Handles

As a small business, remaining social is vital to business survival. Marketing yourself across social networks not only expands the reach of your audience but is a great way to keep customers active with your brand and online community. Sharing your social handles is especially important during the holidays when many businesses will acquire a higher number of new customers. Consider incorporating your social handles with your stamped logo on holiday marketing materials such as business cards, stickers, product tags, or flyers as package inserts.

4) Say Thank You for Customer Appreciation

None of us would be here without our customers! Small businesses need to reach out with a big "thank you" during the holidays. Rubber stamps are the next best thing to a handwritten thank you note. They are a great way to provide a personalization at scale. Check out Craftic's tutorial as an inexpensive way to express your gratitude and round out your holiday marketing.

"Rubber stamps are the next best thing to a handwritten thank you note."




5) Product Tags

Another small business marketing favorite is to use rubber stamps for product tags. It's another great way to display your products with professionalism while keeping costs low during the holidays.

It's time to get creative with your holiday marketing! Create your custom stamp to get started and share more tips for small business branding on a budget @RubberStamp_com.



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