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Customized Halloween Candy Favors

We jump at any chance we get to incorporate treats into a DIY project, and Halloween is the perfect excuse! These tasty Halloween candy favors come with a colorful gift tag featuring an impression of one of our festive custom stamps.



Sometimes when you have a stamp with a lot of different features, like these tag stamps, we like to trade an ink pad for some stamp markers. Markers are a great way to showcase multiple parts while adding tons of color. Michaels Craft Stores has some great options to choose from. We even discovered that marker comes off easier than ink, which is always convenient for cleanup!

Simply color on the rubber of your stamp, using different colors on the separate parts of the design. Then firmly press down on a plain tag. We found some spooky, patterned cellophane bags to stuff with candy, then attached the tags with festive ribbon and tied them closed.

Having a custom stamp really adds a personal touch to gifts, as well as cards and envelopes. Customizing your stamp on is as simple as clicking "Customize" and adding your personal information. Start decorating today!

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