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DIY Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues + Free Printable

Some of the best Easter memories we have as kids aren't what candy we got in our baskets, but rather what we did and who we were with. Setting up your own scavenger hunt Sunday morning is an activity your children will cherish for years to come! These easy-to-make Easter scavenger hunt clues help make the whole process a cinch.

Easter basket with candy and a message on top
An ink pad with tape and a DIY hint message

We've come up with eight clues on this free printable that lead to generic places around the house.

scissors with a pdf template
scissors with a pdf template

If you don't have a printer, no fear! We wrote out a few of our clues, and it gets the message across just as well. Writing out your own clues also allows you to customize to your own home.

But for those of you who want to save a little time, simply download these printable Easter scavenger hunt clues and cut along the dotted lines!

Premade Easter messages for your scavenger hunt
Example of Easter scavenger hunt message
Example of Easter scavenger hunt message


Example of Easter scavenger hunt message

3 Easy Steps To Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues:

  1. Write down or cut out the printed clue. You can choose to color in the clue graphics, or leave them as is. Or cut them off completely!
  2. Back with decorative scrapbooking paper. Backing your clue cards with patterned or colored paper helps add a little flair. The trick is to find a color scheme and stick to it. We went with lots of spring colors: pinks, blues, yellows, etc. We also chose a lot of floral patterns, because, well, spring!
  3. Add embellishments. We used our Engraved Wood Easter Stamp Set for festive touches, along with washi tape and different strings & ribbon. Attaching the cutout stamp impressions with foam circles helps add dimension. You can even make a string handle to hang the clue up.
Example of Easter scavenger hunt message
Example of Easter scavenger hunt message
Example of Easter scavenger hunt message
Example of Easter scavenger hunt message
Examples of Easter scavenger hunt messages
These Easter scavenger hunt clues are great for any-level crafter, since you can choose how elaborate you decorate them. Write them out or just cut out the printables, use scrapbooking paper or not, add embellishments or keep them plain -- it's really up to you! The kids will love the game no matter what.



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