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How to Use Rubber Stamps to Encourage Self-Love

We've decided 2018 is going to be all about positive messages and empowering thinking, so we created a Girl Power Stamp Set to help encourage self-love in women.

We recently found a great motivational tool from a website called Blessing Manifesting, the Self-Love Workbook and Planner, to use with our stamps, help guide us and make self-confidence a whole lot easier. Here's how we used our newest rubber stamps in the book, and suggestions for how you can do the same.

To Add Reminders in a Planner

Most people use a planner or agenda every day (or at least try to), so it's a great place to add daily self-love reminders. That guy who mistreated you? Remind yourself with a stamp impression: Don't text him!
Feeling down on yourself? Remember that you slay!
Need a girls' night? Refresh that girl power!
You can even switch up the meanings if you like; the "no scrubs" stamp works great for cleaning to-dos. ;)

To Help Set Goals

A great way to keep you motivated with your ongoing goals is to write them down and look back on them regularly. Stamps add a little extra punch of inspiration and make setting goals more fun!

Quick tip: Using rubber stamp markers helps you add even more color to your designs.

To Compliment Yourself

People dish out compliments all the time, but forget one important person: themselves! Reminding yourself of compliments others have given you, and more importantly, what you think you're good at and what you like about yourself, is a major step in self-love and self-confidence. Jot down your favorite qualities and decorate them with a few impressions from our Girl Power stamp set.

To Set Self-Love Priorities

It's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, so make the stress less by reorganizing your self-love priorities. By noting what's most important for your happiness, your to-dos become less jumbled and easier to accomplish.

Start Your Self-Love Journey Today:

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