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DIY Stamped Valentines They’ll Love!

Sometimes finding the perfect valentine for that special someone can be hard…until now! We’ve added a variety new Valentine’s Day themed stamp designs to the mix, so now you can produce hand-crafted creations for everyone, from your students to your sweetie.

When designing our new Valentine’s Day stamp designs, we kept in mind that the end product would include small treats or knickknack -- because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like getting gifts?! It adds a touch of thoughtfulness and gives the impression that you spent way more time on the preparation than you actually did.

Fish In The Sea Valentine

Our first valentine is used with our Fish in the Sea stamp and some Goldfish crackers. Simply stamp some plain white paper, back it on colored scrapbooking paper, and back that on more scrapbooking paper that’s cut into a tag shape. Punch a hole at the top, and secure the tag with ribbon and string to the bag of crackers.

You're Just Write For Me Valentine

Our pencil valentine is not only easy to make, but also perfect for teachers and students alike. All you need to do is back our You’re Just Write For Me stamp onto two sheets of scrapbooking paper, punch a hole on either side of the tag, and slide the pencil through. It’s a cute and inexpensive gift that all ages will love. Plus, you can personalize the pencil to each one of your valentine’s liking!

I'm A Sucker For You Valentine

If you’re looking to give something a little sweeter than a pencil, try doing the same thing as above, but include a sucker instead. You can find our I’m a Sucker For You stamp here.

I'm Stuck On You Valentine

Finally, try a chewy indulgence! Prepare your valentine the same way as our Goldfish one, but use bubble gum and our I’m Stuck on You stamp instead. The result is a vibrant delight.

As always, don’t be afraid to get creative with different colors and designs. DIY stamped valentines should represent the giver as much as the recipient. Happy stamping!



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