J. Stark Home & the Stamps That Help Shape Their Brand

Formatical knows how to get a brand’s products in the hands of retailers. Its top hitters are an assemblage of gift, home and accessory good collections – including Rewined candles, Produce candles, Lulie Wallace and ROAM by 42 Pressed.

Formatical’s newest brand representation, J. Stark Home, is one that needs to be noticed – and they are doing all the right things to do so.

The collection features products made with high-quality leather, canvas and denim materials. Creator Erik Holmberg, a former website coder/developer, started J. Stark Home with the end goal of producing tangible goods made from American materials.

“It’s important to me that the goods are useful and durable first, and that the design and materials used in their construction give the goods an authentic and timeless aesthetic,” Holmberg said.

Holmberg hopes to bolster “a new generation of makers that embrace the past and believe hard work, hand-craft and being genuine are the bonds that strengthen humanity.” And the collection’s branding of a rustic, Americana nostalgia evokes such a sentiment.

The use of a rubber stamp from RubberStamps.com on key packaging details adds to this vibe. J. Stark Home not only stamps hang tags for all the products, but they also stamp drawings of specific products on muslin bags that hold the product. With a simple stamp impression, packaging for canvas laundry bags – and the vintage nails used to hang them – becomes that rustic look J. Stark Home stands for.

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