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10 Drool-Worthy Craft Rooms

There's something so exciting about a clean, beautiful work space to make new creations in. We've scoured the Internet for the prettiest, most organized, most drool-worthy craft rooms to spark your maker creativity!

1. Vintage Chic

We love how Home to Heather uses typewriters, succulents and gold & wood accents to create this vintage chic craft room.

Image via Home to Heather

2. Letter Board Ledge

You can never go wrong with a huge letter board of your crafting motto or a funny phrase, like Lolly Jane has displayed in their craft room.

         Image via Lolly Jane

3. Yarn-Lover's Paradise

Is all your yarn in a big pile in the corner of the room somewhere? Let this stunning photo from Lebenslustiger give you some organization inspiration.

Image via Lebenslustiger

4. Airy & Spacious

We're completely obsessed with this large craft room from Micaela Ferrero Paper Lover, complete with mounted camera for filming how-to videos, tons of color-coded scrapbook paper storage and a nook by the window for recharging after hours of creation.

Image via Micaela Ferrero Paper Lover

Image via Micaela Ferrero Paper Lover

5. Wallpaper Statement Wall

A quick way to add personality and color to your craft room is to put patterned wallpaper on an accent wall, like Sweet Red Poppy did. So fun!

Image via Sweet Red Poppy

6. Chalkboard Wall

Start with a clean slate (literally) for your craft room and add a chalkboard wall to scribble on to-do lists, motivating phrases or doodles. How pretty is this one from Studio Pebbles?!

                    Image via Studio Pebbles

7. Pegboard Organization

As A Girl and a Glue Gun shows you here, pegboards are a great way to organize and showcase a variety of different objects and supplies. Plus, they just look cool.

          Image via A Girl and a Glue Gun

8. Storage Utopia

If you're a sucker for categorization, try adding shelving to your craft room, and put all your goodies in labeled boxes. Like this example from Refined Rooms, the end result can be a work of art in itself!

Image via Refined Rooms

9. Feminine Touch

We love sweet vibe of the chandelier, ruffled table skirt, and string lights of this craft room from Craftaholics Anonymous.

        Image via Craftaholics Anonymous

10. Colorful & Neat

If your craft room is aching for a bit of color, you don't always need to paint. Just display your crafting supplies by color like Oh Happy Day! Not only is it totally satisfying, you'll be able to find exactly what you need much quicker.

                                  Image via Oh Happy Day



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