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Earth Day DIY Stamped Planters

Earth Day is a time to stop and appreciate the natural world around us, and these stamped Earth Day DIY planters help to do just that! The plants, plus a stamped positive-thinking phrase, combine to bring a little moment of Zen to your day.

However, sometimes life gets in the way of being able to keep real plants alive. Work in a dingy office with no windows? Always forget to water? Artificial plants give you the natural look without the upkeep.



This Earth Day DIY is pretty straight forward. Start with a planter -- preferably one with a flat side, but rounded clay terra cotta pots work, too! Using an alphabet stamp set, create your phrase of choice using pigment ink. The ink should dry fairly quickly, but if you're unsure, let it dry overnight for peace of mind.

What Should I Write?

  • Grow and be better
  • Stay rooted
  • Plant smiles, grow laughter, harvest love
  • It's a small world after all
  • Make every day Earth Day
  • Grow where you are planted
  • How lovely the silence of growing things
  • Grow positive thoughts



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