Quirky DIY Stamped Easter Eggs

Sometimes just dyeing your Easter eggs seems too traditional. These quirky DIY stamped Easter eggs are a quick way to add a touch of personality and silliness to your basket!


The process is super basic. Dab the letter stamp in ink and carefully press it on the egg. Be sure to apply pressure on all sides of the rubber so that the whole letter leaves its impression. Let the ink dry overnight before handling the eggs again.

Suggestions for phrases:

  • Some Bunny Loves You
  • Hoppy Easter / Happy Easter
  • Hot Chick
  • Eat Me
  • You Crack Me Up
  • You’re Eggstra Special
  • You’re a Good Egg
  • Hey Chica
  • You’re Eggscellent
  • I’m dyeing
  • Eggsquisite
  • I’m so eggcited!
  • And of course, your loved ones’ names!



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