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Quirky DIY Stamped Easter Eggs

Sometimes just dyeing your Easter eggs seems too traditional. These quirky DIY stamped Easter eggs are a quick way to add a touch of personality and silliness to your basket!


The process is super basic. Plan out your phrase and add the alphabet cling letters to a 2 x 2 acrylic stamp block. Carefully stamp the egg by rocking the stamp from left to right to make a full ink impression on a rounded surface. Be sure to apply even pressure. Let the ink dry overnight before handling the eggs again.

Suggestions for phrases:

  • Some Bunny Loves You
  • Hoppy Easter / Happy Easter
  • Hot Chick
  • Eat Me
  • You Crack Me Up
  • You’re Eggstra Special
  • You’re a Good Egg
  • Hey Chica
  • You’re Eggscellent
  • I’m dyeing
  • Eggsquisite
  • I’m so eggcited!
  • And of course, your loved ones’ names!


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