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Easy Toddler-Made Father's Day/Mother's Day Card Idea

Celebrate Father's Day or Mother's Day with your little one! Create unforgettable memories with a fun and easy project: hand-painted greeting cards! The best part is that this activity is super easy with only three art supplies needed. My toddler had a blast making 12 unique abstract art cards in just 30 minutes with minimal mess. He loved every minute of it, and now I have a stack of special handmade cards for any occasion. Give it a try and watch your little one's creativity shine!

Greeting Card Materials:

Required Materials

Optional and Recommended Materials

Toddler Hand-Painted Card Instructions

1. Prepare your space and materials

When it comes to arts and crafts with a toddler, this is the MOST IMPORTANT step! First, gather all of your materials so you have them accessible. Second, cover your crafting area with white craft paper, cling wrap, or anything that will protect the surface your toddler will be working on. Next, put an art smock on your child. Then, tape your white card onto the craft surface so it doesn't slide all over when your child is painting (if they are too young to hold and paint their card).

Tip: I used a thin strip of tape to keep the card closed so no paint ended up on the inside.

2. Painting the card

Once the table and card are all prepped for painting, then serve your child a small amount of paint. I used small plastic bowls to put each color of paint in.

Tip: give your toddler two colors to work with at a time, this helps to keep messes contained and manageable as well as maintain visually pleasant color blending.

Encourage your child to blend in any thick paint globs. When there is a suffcient amount of art on the card, have a new card handy to replace with. Let them do a handful before switching colors and brushes.

Color combinations to try:

  • Purple and Red
  • Green and Blue
  • Yellow and Orange
  • Blue and Red
  • Red and Yellow

3. Let dry

Set their cards aside to dry (on a protected surface). The card may warp a little, you can experiment with different card stock paper to reduce this effect.

4. As needed, stamp your greeting for any special occasion.

Now you have a handful of beautiful hand-painted cards your friends and family will love to receive. When a special occasion arises, simply stamp your greeting of choice onto the card, and voila! You have ready-made cards for Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Thank Yous, and more!

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