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Embossed Watercolor Easter Cards That Razzle Dazzle!

Who doesn't want to add a little color coming out of winter? Let's get colorful with these razzle-dazzle watercolor easter cards. Today, we are going bold with these colors and adding extra dazzle with sparkly embossing powder. Follow along as we provide tips and tricks so that anyone can create eye-catching card masterpieces with ease.

Greeting Card Materials:

Required Materials

Optional and Recommended Materials

Embossed Watercolor Easter Card Instructions

1. Watercolor your card background

To get started, gather all of your materials so you have them accessible. Place your white watercolor paper onto a craft mat to protect your surface.

Next, choose your watercolors of choice, we decided to go with a rainbow design. Start with one color in the top left corner of your card and move on to the next section with a different color. We divided our card into 6 colored sections, three color blocks on top and three on the bottom. Let your colors blend into each other to create a nice rainbow effect.

Tip: Use your heat gun tool to dry your paper once you are satisfied with the look of your watercolor background.

2. Ink your stamps

Using The Hoppiest Time of Year stamp set, peel your clear stamp from its backing sheet and place it on to an acrylic stamp block. We chose to use the peep bunny from this set. The photopolymer is slightly tacky, so your stamp can easily stick and be removed from your stamp block.

Next, ink your stamp with the Versamark watermark stamp pad. This is a clear, invisible ink that the heat embossing powder will stick to, so you don't have to match your stamping ink to your embossing powder. For example, if you want to use red embossing powder, you would need to also use red pigment ink to match. However, the clear embossing ink can be used with any embossing powder.

3. Emboss your peeps

Step 1: Now it's time to add the embossing powder to your stamped impression. We wanted our bunnies to match the rainbow colors we have just watercolored, so we are using red embossing powder on the red watercolor section and so forth.

Step 2: Sprinkle your embossing powder over your invisible ink and shake the excess embossing powder off onto a separate piece of paper towel or small paper plate, whatever is accessible for you. Repeat that process for each color block using the peep stamp.

Tip: If you ever get any embossing powder on areas that you don't want, take a dry clean brush and wipe the excess powder away.

Step 3: Once you have stamped and sprinkled your embossing powder over your impressions in each color block section, use your heat tool to set the embossing powder.

IMPORTANT: This tool gets VERY hot, so be careful when using it, do not place your hand underneath the tool to check the temperature, and do not place the heated area of the tool right next to the paper, or you might burn your paper!

4. Assemble the card

Now it's time to glue your watercolored peeps onto your card. Select a craft card stock paper that is patterned or textured to provide a nice visual contrast. We recommend using a glue runner tool to glue your paper onto your card. This tool is quick and mess-free, but regular glue will work if you don't have a glue runner on hand.

5. Heat emboss the greeting onto the card

We chose to go with the phrase hippty hoppity from our stamp set collection. Using the clear watercolor stamp pad again, ink the stamped phrase. We chose to then use the white embossing powder for the phrase, we thought it popped nicely with the white paper border.

6. Optional: Add additional detail

We've added little gems to the bunny's noses to add extra character. You can try using the gems for belly buttons or to bedazzle the border of the card. Use your creativity and whatever extra embellishments you have laying around. Bows or ribbons would also be very cute to add to this card.

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