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How to Make a Watercolor Beach Card

Welcome to our crafting blog, where we're excited to share a fun and creative card project using the "Squeeze The Day" clear stamp set. With its adorable citrus designs and high-quality clear stamps, this set is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your card making projects. In this blog, we'll be walking you through the steps to create a stunning watercolor card using the "Squeeze The Day" set and some basic cardstock. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, this project is a great way to unleash your creativity and make something special. So let's get started and create something beautiful!


Before diving into the project, make sure to collect all the necessary materials and have them within reach. To protect your workspace, place a craft mat or paper underneath your materials as you work.

1. Shape The Edges

In order to add some uniquness to the project we decided to create rounded edges. To do this, you will either need an edge rounder or a pair of scissors. It's much easier to get a cohesive look with an edge rounder, but if you are up for the challenge it can be done by hand!

2. Form The Backdrop

For added flare, we are going to place a piece of blue cardstock over the white backing to give the project some contrast. Use a gluestick or a glue roller to apply your choice of color to the card.

3. Use Pigment Ink To Stamp Outlines

Shifting our attention, we will now stamp our cutouts. Clear stamps are user-friendly - gently peel them from the backing sheet and position them onto an acrylic stamp block. Thanks to the photopolymer material, the stamp can easily stick onto the block and can be removed without difficulty. Once on the block, simply apply your favorite color of pigment ink to create the outline.

4. Watercolor

Now that the stamps are outlined and the backdrop is created we want to spend some time adding interest to the background. We decided on blue, yellow, and purple for the backdrop since we are looking to follow a beach theme. Use a paint brush and apply blue paint in light strokes until you like the look.

Tip: Use light and even strokes. You can't go too light but you can quickly apply too much.

5. Markers

We are almost there! In this step, grab your makers and it's time to get creative. Feel free to follow along with the video if you want to see how we achieved the different color tones, but if you are inspired this part is meant to be personalized by you.

6. Assemble

The last step in our project is adding unique characteristics to represent you! Whether you want to use pearl dots, 3D addhesive to make certain things pop, or you want to add text using an alphabet stamp set, the sky is the limit!

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