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Fall Harvest: Pretty Packaging to Impress

Autumn is officially here, and for farmers and gardeners, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of spring and summer’s labor. Some will sell their harvest, while others will gift veggies, fruits and other creations to friends and family. Rubber stamps are a great way to tie the presentation of your goodies together! offers a variety of packaging stamps to help you label and spruce up your canned items, baked goods and more. Whether you need to mark what’s inside, who made it, where it’s from or when it was made, we’ve got a stamp for you.

Homemade Canning Jar Stamp

Tie together all your canned goods with the Homemade Canning Jar Stamp. Perfect for pickles, beans, jams, asparagus, peppers, onions and more!

Homemade With Love Stamp

Having a bake sale and want a way to spruce up your banana bread or chocolate chip muffins? Wrap them up and add a tag stamped with the Homemade With Love Stamp.

Homemade Utensils Stamp

There's nothing sweeter than dropping off a homemade dish to a neighbor or friend in need. Add this Homemade Utensils Stamp to your presentation for an extra thoughtful touch.

Canned With Love Stamp

If you're big into canning, it's important to label and date all the items in each batch. This Canned With Love Stamp helps you stay organized and keep food fresh.

Fresh Products Stamp

Even if you aren't canning, and have products that need to be eaten right way, this Fresh Products Stamp is just what you need to give the recipient a heads up.

Farm Fresh Locally Grown Stamp

Whether you're a large farmer or small homesteader, it's nice to let others know the food they're about to eat is local & made with love! This Farm Fresh Locally Grown Stamp does just that and is a stylish addition to packaging.

Stamps can not only transform a boring jar into a beautiful gift, but they can also add a professional look to any small business' products.

With a tag or sticker, some string, a ribbon and your stamp, you'll add personal touch to all that you create. Happy harvesting!



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