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How To Make a Custom DIY Dog Bandana

Want your pet dressed to the nines? Make them their own custom DIY dog bandana for a personalized look on a budget!

All it takes is fabric, stamps and some ink.

Dog Bandana Supplies

Stock up on these supplies to get started:

How To Make a Custom DIY Dog Bandana

1. Cut a piece of fabric into a large square so that, when folded in half (creating a triangle), it can be tied around your pet's neck comfortably.

2. Grab your favorite doggie-related rubber stamps, as well as alphabet stamps for anything custom you want to add. We used our Engraved Wood Dog Stamp Set and PEGZ American Typewriter Stamp Set. PEGZ are quick and simple since they snap together to keep your name or phrase neat and condensed into "one" stamp.

3. Take waterproof or fabric ink and stamp your design on the fabric (already folded into a triangle). We used a permanent and waterproof Ranger Archival ink.

4. Heat set the ink using an embossing heat tool to help prevent smudging. Want to ensure your design will never fade? Try using fabric paint with your stamps instead of ink.

Don't be afraid to get creative with your design! The great thing about alphabet stamps is that there really is no limit to your personalization. Create any word or phrase for your pup and his or her personality.

Look how happy these cuties are in their new, personalized dog bandanas!


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  • Nice designs on your custom bandanas! I would love to design one for my furr baby.

    - Custom Bandanas

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