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The Kindness Rocks Project

There’s an awesome social movement making its rounds in the crafting world that we can’t get enough of: The Kindness Rocks Project. Its mission is to spread as much kindness to unsuspecting strangers as possible with the creation and placement of decorated inspirational rocks.

The origin of the Kindness Rocks Project came from a woman coping with grief, and has since then become something so much bigger. People from all around the nation are finding little messages of hope and motivation that can make a huge impact when found at the right time, on the right day.

We love crafting, and crafting that makes a difference is even better.


  • Small, smooth rocks (washed and dried)
  • Various acrylic paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Alphabet stamps
  • Pigment ink
  • UV-resistant clear acrylic spray
  • Paint pens


  1. After rinsing and drying the rocks, paint a few layers of acrylic paint on them until you have a solid color.
  2. Of course, we love incorporating rubber stamps into all of our projects, so we brought out some alphabet stamps and pigment ink to print out custom words and phrases.
  3. Decorate your rocks! You can use small paint brushes or paint pens. Just let your creativity flow!
  4. After letting the rocks dry overnight, spray them with a few layers of UV-resistant clear acrylic coating for extra protection.

Ideas for Kindness Rocks Sayings:

  • You rock
  • Love
  • Spread kindness
  • Shine on
  • U get what u give
  • Share
  • Yes you can
  • You are blessed
  • Hakuna Matata
  • You got this
  • Have faith
  • Rise above
  • Have hope
  • Radiate love
  • You matter
  • Love one another
  • Be the change
  • Oh happy day!
  • Evolve
  • Beautiful soul
  • Great things are headed your way
  • You decide
  • Grief is love's souvenir
  • #TheKindnessRocksProject

Once you're finished creating your kindness rocks, don't forget to place them outside for others to find! All in the name of #spreadingkindness.

For more information on the Kindness Rocks Project, follow their Facebook Page here.




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