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How To Make A Paper Bag Book Cover

With the new school year just around the corner, it's a perfect time to revisit a classic DIY: How to make a paper bag book cover.

Even with something as simple as protecting a classroom textbook or library novel, there's always a chance to put a personal spin on it. Here's how we used rubber stamps and patterned washi tape to create a fun, one-of-a-kind book cover for any age.



Step 1

Cut bag from top to bottom along fold.

Paper bag book cover step 1

Step 2

Cut off bottom of bag.

Step 3

Lay the bag flat, with any print facing up. Place the book on top of it in the center.

Step 4

Fold the top section of the bag up to the top of the book, and then fold down.

Step 5

Do Step 4 to the bottom of the bag.

Step 6

Place the book in the center of the bag again. Fold each side of the bag over the front and back covers and trim any excess paper. Leave enough on each end to cover 1/3 to 1/2 of the cover.

Step 7

Insert the book edges into the opening of each flap.

Step 8

Decorate and personalize with stamps!

Step 9

Add extra security by adding washi tape to hold the cover's flaps in place. It also adds a splash of color to your paper bag book cover!

We hope this is a helpful refresher on this popular classroom DIY. You can never go wrong when you reuse old items for something new!



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  • So cute!

    - Amber

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