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How to Make Stamped DIY Save the Dates

Proposal? Check. Date? Check. Location? Check. Now what? Send save the dates, of course! Giving guests an advanced notice of your upcoming nuptials is always appreciated, and it’s a smart step in ensuring that your favorite people are aware of the big day. If you’re planning a destination wedding or a wedding on or near a holiday, save the dates are especially important for guests to have to make travel plans and ask off of work.

Deciding on DIY save the dates can help you save those precious dollar bills, while at the same time, adding a personalized touch. Stamps in any size can be used in the save the date process. An address stamp can help save time and a hand cramp, while a simple monogram stamp adds a small, sweet touch. You can even use a custom embosser for some extra sophistication on your envelope.

Address Stamp

Use this elegant  to easily add a stylish return address to envelopes.

Monogram Stamp

To match the address stamp, you can use this to help tie your design together. Stamp on a sticker to close the envelope, on the corner of your save the date, and even use it for invitations, wedding decorations, or thank you cards.

Wedding Embosser

Skip the ink and go for a custom embosser instead. A raised impression on paper puts forth a regal feel to any save the date.

Save the Dates

But what about the actual save the date? Why not do it yourself and spare the printer? Stamped save the dates are perfect for smaller weddings that want to create a personalized, handcrafted touch. All you need is the proper techniques and the right customizable stamp template for a beautiful end product. Our gives you an easy template to work from. Enter the couple's names & monograms, wedding date, and location address. Then move the heart over your wedding date, and you're good to go! * tip: You can move all customizable elements in to fit your personal information perfectly!
Remember that for larger stamps, like this 4" x 6" size, be sure to place down levelly, press firmly on all sides of the stamp, and avoid wiggling it too much. Practice really does make perfect – test it out on throwaways beforehand to see what works best for you and the material you're stamping on (like the real wood veneer samples we used here!).



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