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4 DIY Wedding Favors to Make with Rubber Stamps

As a wedding guest, it’s always exciting to see what favors the couple will offer. But as a couple, it can be one of the more difficult decisions about the big day.

Although favors are a small detail, depending on how many guests you have, they can add up to be pretty costly. Custom stamps with DIY wedding favors are a simple solution for personalization without the high price.

Seed Packet Favors

For all you nature lovers out there, these seed packet favors are an excellent fit. Fill up small envelopes or bags from a craft store with your favorite seeds. For flowers, our Let Love Bloom custom favor stamp works perfectly. For vegetables or other types of seeds, our Let Love Grow stamp works well.

Depending on the look you want, stamp directly on the packet, or you can stamp on a sticker label and use it to securely close the envelope. Add some color by feeding ribbon through paper-punched holes.

S’more Ingredient Favors

Hoping to treat your guests to something sweet? Try these s’more ingredient favors! Fill cellophane bags with graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows for a tasty snack to enjoy at their leisure.

Tie the top of the bag and add a little ribbon (a perfect place to incorporate your wedding colors). Stamp our Sending You Smore Love custom stamp on a tag and attached it to the bag. Done!

Coffee Bean Favors

Brew up a perfect favor for a coffee-loving couple. Fill up jars with your favorite beans, wrap a bow around the jar, and add a sticker label to the top.

Here we used The Perfect Blend custom stamp for the label. Our Thanks for Bean Here stamp also works!

Popcorn Favors

Delicious and budget friendly! These DIY popcorn favors are a surefire hit with your guests.

Pile popcorn into a container and wrap it up with cellophane wrap to keep it fresh. Tie the top with ribbon and attach a tag stamped with your customized Thanks For Popping By impression.



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