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Layered Paper Beach Card Tutorial

Hey, there crafters, card makers, and all other DIYers! Have you ever tried creating layered cards? Come join us on the shoreline and learn how to make the perfect summertime-inspired layered paper beach card so that you can let those special people in your life know just how much they mean to you. Not only is this layered paper beach card design great for sending out birthday wishes or messages of love but it's also a fun way to get creative and express yourself through crafty projects. So grab all of your favorite papers, stamps, and embellishments, and let's get started on this project together!

Greeting Card Materials:

Required Materials

Optional and Recommended Materials

Go With The Flow: Layered Paper Beach Card Instructions

1. Stamp designs onto white card stock

To get started, select all of your materials so you have them accessible. We choose an ocean blue tye-dye and watercolor-styled paper for our water and a textured sand-colored paper for our beach.

Next, place your white card stock onto a craft mat or paper to protect your surface. Using clear stamps is easy, simply peel your stamp from it backing sheet and place it onto an acrylic stamp block. The photopolymer is slightly tacky, so your stamp can easily stick and be removed from your stamp block.

Second, ink your stamp with a black ink pad. Stamp all the designs you want to use on the sheet of white card stock. Be sure to space out the stamped impressions so that you can cut around them.

You can also use a cricut machine to cut your stamp dies. If you have a cricut, download the Go With The Flow Cricut files that pair with the Go With the Flow Clear Stamp Set.

2. Prepare your card background and base layer

First, cut your white card stock to size. For example, if you want a 4x6 card, cut your paper to 4x12 so your folded card size is 4x6. Next, take your paper choices and cut each to the same size as your folded card. So if you are working with a 4x6 card, cut each of these papers to that same size.

3. Cut and layer paper to create the design

Line your paper up by off-setting it to the beach and trace a water's edge. Repeat this process to create a second layer of waves. Lastly, glue down your layered paper pieces.

4. Add detail to the water and sand

Using your white gel pen, add some water details. Try to follow the curvature of your paper, creating a pattern with the gel pen lines.

Next, add some detail to the sand by creating some speckles with lighter and darker neutral tones with your art markers. There is no rhyme or reason for adding detail to the water or sand. This project is all about going with the flow and seeing where the creative process takes you!

2. Color your stamps

Now it's time to add color to your stamped impressions! For this project we are using alcohol-based art markers to color our stamped images, however, you can use a medium of your choice.

"For color blending, use a short flick or daub of the marker tip."

Tip: Using basic art supplies for beginners will allow you to practice at a low initial investment.

Important notes for coloring stamp images:

  • Test your color on a part of the paper you are not using, like a top or bottom corner.
  • Start with your base color or the main color of your object or animal.
  • Use a short flick of the marker tip to shade and highlight.

5. Assemble the card

Cut out your colored stamps either with scissors, or an exacto-knife unless you have used a Cricut machine to cut your stamp dies. Place all of your elements together on your card to ensure the layout and look you want before you start gluing pieces down. Once you are happy with the placement, glue all your elements down. We recommend using a glue runner as it is quick, easy, and mess-free.

Tip: Use tweezers to move and grab your card design elements. This keeps your paper free from smudgy fingers and is a helpful tool for placing small embellishments.

If you want to add a 3D effect to your card, so that some elements are raised on the face of the card, simply use adhesive styrofoam dots. place them on the back of the element you want to be raised, and place them into your card for a 3-dimensional effect, just like a pro!

4. Optional: Add embellishments

We love to bedazzle a bit, so we're going to add some gems to add a little sparkle to the water as if the sun is reflecting off the waves.

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You’ve done it! Officially making a layered paper card like a pro! Your handmade card features a warm and inviting beach vibe. Now that you have been inspired by this layering paper beach card, share it with friends and family! We'd love to see how you put together your own beach card. Share it with us, and don't forget to use #stampwithus.

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