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Make Your Own Father's Day Grill Card

Time to get fired up and make dad a card! Whether it's for fathers day, his birthday or just becuase, show how much you love him with a handmade card. If the man in your life likes to use the words, brining, resting (not on the couch), bark (not the dog), marbeling, or mesquite - this is the perfect card to make!

Greeting Card Materials:

Required Materials

Optional and Recommended Materials

Father's Day Grill Card Instructions

1. Glue your card backing

Once you have gathered all your materials from the list above, start by folding white card stock in half (vertically). Then take your patterned paper of choice, cut it to size and glue onto the front of your white, folded card.

2. Ink your stamps

Start by laying down a piece of white card stock on top of a protective mat. Using clear stamps is easy, simply peel your stamp from it backing sheet and place onto an acrylic stamp block; since photopolymer has some tackiness, removal won't be problem either.

Choose any color pigment inkpad for inking your stamp before imprinting it onto the paper – black will give you sharp results every time.

Stamp all the designs you want to use on the sheet of white card stock. Be sure to space out the stamped impressions so that you can cut around them. If you have a cricut macheine, you can use the Cricut design files to cut the shapes of your stamped images for a cleaner, more professional look.

3. Create the design and layout of your card

Now that your cardstock and stamped images are ready, it's time to add the perfect background scene! Begin by cutting a rounded half circle from green craft paper - this will create the hilly landscape. Use marker or colored pencils with short strokes along its edge for a grass-like texture throughout. Finish it off by adding some color and shading in the sky - begin with light blue as your base layer before layering on darker blues until you get a beautiful gradient! Once complete, glue everything down to complete this backdrop!

4. Color your stamped images

Now it's time to bring your stamped impressions to life with color! For this project, alcohol-based markers were used for adding depth and blending the images. But if you don't have art markers - even basic supplies like colors pencils or traditional markers can still get the job done if you are just starting out.

Before committing to any colors on your stamped images, try out colors on a corner section not being used. Then begin by starting off with whatever serves as base coloring component (like main body shade) and going onward into other shading and details.

"Begin with a base color. The base color is the main color of what an animal or object looks like."

3. Use shading to add dimension

Let's add some depth to our design! Take a hue slightly darker than your base color and lightly brush in the shadowy areas. Be gentle - you can always darken more later, but it's hard to undo too much shading. Time for those characters come alive with dimension!

Tip: If you are using a marker, practice doing a quick flick of the marker for a more natural blending effect.

5. Assemble the card

Get creative with your colored stamps! Cut them out using a scissors, exacto-knife or even a Cricut machine to achieve the desired look. Take some time to arrange all pieces on your card so you can be sure it looks just right before gluing everything down. We suggest trying out glue runners - they're simple and effective way of making sure that each element is stuck in place without leaving any mess behind!

The final strtep is to add the card greeting. For this project, we used "Love Ya, Grill Master" But you could choose other greetings like:

  • Your're un-grill-iveable!
  • You're a "rare" find
  • The grill-father
  • Dad, You're on Fire
  • You're the best flippin dad

6. Optional: Add a 3D effect

Give your card a professional 3D look by using adhesive Styrofoam dots! Simply affix them to the back of an element you want raised, and place it onto your card for a dynamic effect.

Now you're ready to create a fun grilling themed card for Father's Day, birthdays and more! Don't forget to follow our blog and socials for more card making inspiration and tips!

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