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Layered Paper Craft Card Tutorial

Summer time is on its way so it's time to send your loved ones a lake-inspired card! Look no further than this handmade card featuring our Out At The Lake stamp set. This layered card will certainly make your recipient smile!

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Layered Paper Card "Out At The Lake" Instructions

1. Stamp designs onto white card stock

First, gather all of your material and organize your workspace by placing a cutting mat down to protect your surface. Using clear stamps is simple. Start by peeling your stamp from its backing sheet and place it onto an acrylic stamp block. The photopolymer is slightly tacky, so your stamp can easily stick to and be removed from the block.

Next, ink your stamp with the color of your choice using an ink pad. Press firmly and evenly and be sure not to rock the stamp back and forth. Stamp onto pre-cut outlines created with your free Cricut file, or onto card stock and cut out the shapes with scissors.

2. Layer your paper

The next step in making this card is to layer your paper. Cut your water patterned paper into wave shapes so you can layer them on top of each other, creating a 3D effect. Tuck your sailboat into the waves to give it more depth and make it look like it's sailing on the water. After that, lay out all the elements on your card to get an idea of how everything will look.

Layering the waves will give this card depth and interest.

3. Add color to your stamped impressions

Next, add some color to your stamped impressions! Alcohol-based art markers are perfect for filling, shading, and blending your stamped images. Make sure you test your colors on a part of the paper you're not using before applying them to the entire stamp. To achieve the best results, start with the base color, or the main color of your boat or object.

4. Assemble the card

Now you’re ready to assemble the card. Practice your layout first to ensure you like how it looks. Then, glue the boat to the middle wave-layer first, followed by the front wave, being careful not to overlap too much. Finish with another wave behind the boat. Glue the sun and clouds in the sky and give the sun a 3D look by using foam feet. Stamp the birds directly onto the card.

5. Custom hand lettering

Custom hand lettering can be a great addition to your card. Use a fine line marker or pen for this. Practice beforehand on a scrap paper, and if you’re unsure, outline with a pencil onto the card, then trace with the marker and erase the pencil for a polished finish.

Tip: Use a Sharpie to ensure the ink dries quickly, but if you choose to use another type of pen or marker, be sure to give it plently of time to dry before erasing the pencil outlines

Now you have a beautiful layered paper card using our Out At The Lake stamp set! This card is perfect for any occasion, and the recipient is sure to appreciate the time and effort you put into making it. Enjoy your crafting!

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