Plan a Sweet Birthday Party with Stamps

Birthdays are the best excuse to throw a party. But throwing a big extravaganza can add up quickly when it comes to costs. By using stamps, you can plan a unique and personalized event for less. Take a look at some of these easy DIY ideas for your next celebration!


For a completely personalized look, you can create your own stamp on by uploading a design or typing in custom text. For these invite note cards, we created two stamps: one for the party’s title and one for the party’s information. We stamped some white paper and backed it with scrapbooking paper and a bit of washi tape for a fun, colorful look!

Don’t forget to check out our stock birthday stamps as well, for a simple way to spruce up your party stationery.

Party hats

To add a personal touch to store-bought party hats, we attached a colorful stamped fan. To make your own, simply stamp your custom stamp on some white paper, cut it out (using a circle cutter or scissors) and back it with some scrapbooking paper.

Next, cut out a long rectangular piece of scrapbooking paper and fold it accordion style.

Bring the two ends together to create a circle and hold it together with some tape.

Use hot glue to attach the stamped paper to the fan, as well as the fan to the party hat!

Cupcake toppers

You can also use these stamped fans as cupcake toppers. Glue the fan to a stick or toothpick and stick it in the cupcake!


What would a candy-themed birthday party be without treat favors?! To trim these suckers, we stamped white paper with our custom stamp and backed it with scrapbooking paper. Then, we punched out holes on the top and bottom and slid the paper onto the stamp.

We also dressed up some party favor bags by stamping on tissue paper. Remember, when it comes to party planning, the simplest touch can go a long way!




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