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Six Stitch Apparel: Launching a Business with Rubber Stamps

Launching a business can be a daunting feat, but Six Stitch Apparel seems to have everything under control – especially when it comes to their branding.

Started last year in a garage, the business has grown from taking on custom screen-printing jobs for local sports teams and PTOs, to handling tour merchandise for award-winning band MercyMe, to now being in the position to carve out its own unique identity as Six Stitch Apparel.

The name of the business was created as a symbol of family – each stitch representing a member. Each stitch in a shirt keeps the garment together, just like members in a family make up one unit. Six also represents the six causes the business creates shirts for: hunger, thirst, orphans & widows, enslaved/human trafficking, poverty and sickness/illness. Each month, the business supports and promotes an organization within one of those causes, creates a Six Stitch Apparel-branded shirt for that cause and donates $6 from each sold shirt to the organization.

June falls under thirst, and Six Stitch is supporting WATERisLIFE. Each “water” shirt sold this month funds a filtered drinking straw for a child who doesn’t have access to clean water. July is for orphans and widows, so the business is partnering with an orphanage in Kenya to help raise funds for a new building.

Six Stitch Apparel chose a rubber stamp for their packaging to help promote the brand, but also to give customers a special experience when they receive the shirts. After looking online for branding ideas, the business decided on a combination of a select few for a stylish look. To transfer that look to their branding, they decided they would need custom rubber stamps to make the design on the paper they package the shirts with.

To learn more about Six Stitch Apparel, check out their website, as well as their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.



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