Pom Pom Stamped Holiday Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Christmas presents is one of our favorite things about the holidays. The more beautiful and interesting the gift, the better! So that’s why we decided to take our DIY packaging to the next level this year: 3D pom pom stamped holiday wrapping paper!


The process is really simple. Just stamp your favorite design on solid paper and add pom poms were you see fit.

We used our Christmas tree and reindeer stamps, but thousands of designs can work for this (hint: this winter hat!).

Once we started stamping, we realized that the glossy paper we had chosen was giving the impressions a faded, distressed look. But you know what? We kinda loved it! Just goes to show that crafting mistakes sometimes turn out better than the original plan. It’s all part of the DIY process! (Note: Not a fan of the distressed vibe? Look for wrapping paper with a matte finish. Craft paper works great.)

To avoid the ink from smearing, heat set it before wrapping the package. Once wrapped, attach pom poms with hot glue and allow to dry. Add ribbon if desired!


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