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Reusable DIY Advent Calendar

Who doesn't love a festive advent calendar for the holidays? The only downside to those cardboard or paper versions is that once you use them, they end up in the trash. To help make this fun tradition a little more eco-friendly, we'll show you how to make a reusable DIY advent calendar to enjoy throughout the years to come.

These little miniature gifts, made from jewelry boxes, are the perfect size to fit tasty candies and chocolate or little holiday trinkets.


  • Month Stamp Set
  • Embossing ink
  • Embossing powder
  • Heat tool
  • Plain jewelry boxes
  • Ornaments (or any old Christmas trinkets you have!)
  • Glue gun


Step 1:

Find the number(s) of the box you're stamping from the Month Stamp Set. Stick to the acrylic block and stamp the box using an embossing ink.

Step 2:

Cover the stamped impression with embossing powder.

Step 3:

Use a small paintbrush to wipe away any excess powder around the number.

Step 4:

Use a heat gun to emboss the impression and make it shine!

Step 5:

Add any extra stamp impressions you want on the box by repeating steps 1-4.

Step 6:

Use a glue gun to add a spot of glue on top of the box cover.

Step 7:

Stick an ornament, or any other Christmas trinket you have lying around the house, to the glue. Make a box for every one of the 24 days of the advent calendar. Be sure to save an extra special decoration for last day!

Step 8:

Fill each box with little gifts and treats.

Step 9:

Arrange the boxes in whatever formation you'd like. Switch it up every year to keep it exciting!

Afraid of misplacing the boxes? Glue them to a piece of wood or foam core board for a more anchored creation.

Not only is this advent calendar friendly to the environment because it's reusable, but we also love the fact that you can save those old ornaments or forgotten decorations from being thrown out.

Another reusable aspect? The Month Stamp Set! Once you're done making the advent calendar, you can use this stamp set in your planner, in your scrapbook or on handmade cards and tags.

The clear photopolymer stamps and clear acrylic stamp block with grid lines make precise stamp placement a cinch.



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