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Customer Profile: Savage Goods

Here at, we're always ecstatic when we find businesses that utilize our rubber stamps for their own benefits! We were able to get in touch with Michelle Savage, the president of popular Texan café, Savage Goods, to talk more about how they incorporate rubber stamps into Savage Goods' business strategy.

Savage Goods, started in 2013 by Michelle, her husband and sister-in-law, began as a hobby stand at the nearby farmer’s market. As the business grew, they all soon realized that not only is food an essential part of life, but it's what helps draw people together.

"We realized that celebration and gathering so often takes place around a kitchen table, and that's what we wanted to create," said Michelle. So in 2017, they established the current brick-and-mortar cafe in El Paso, Texas.

Savage Goods was created based on the concept of “creating a place that not only served exceptional food, but also provided a sense of belonging to our customers and the neighborhood -- a place for them to gather and enjoy together.” Savage Goods serves everything from morning coffee and pastries to dinner, beer, wine and more. In addition, they make custom cakes and offer event catering.

The inspiration behind their logo comes from what Savage Goods is based upon: "simplicity and beauty, with a touch of playful delight." They were able to transform the logo into a rubber stamp to help brand their business. From coffee cups, donut boxes, to go bags, coffee bags and envelopes, their logo is stamped on all their packaging.

Savage Goods opt for a rubber stamp because they enjoy the fact that no two items will be the same. A hand-stamped item creates a homemade feeling!

"It's been fun to see the neighborhood and the El Paso community embrace the cafe, and to watch it grow," said Michelle. "Savage Goods has truly become a "third place" for people -- a place to gather and belong -- and we are so excited to see what will come next."

Stay up-to-date with Savage Goods on their website, as well as their Instagram and Facebook.

* All photos courtesy of Michelle Savage.


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