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The Online Shopper's Guide to Small Business Saturday

What's better than shopping on Small Business Saturday? Shopping on Small Business Saturday without leaving your house! Here is your online shopper's guide to Small Business Saturday with a list of our favorite small biz stores from over the years. This year, get thoughtful gifts made with love.

1. Handmade Soaps & Skin Care

Shoppers Guide to Small Business Saturday Handmade soaps and skin care

The Bohemian Shepherdess is a skincare company specializing in natural body care products. Many of the products feature plants grown on the company's sustainable micro farm, as well as honey from their hives and milk from their dairy goats. Find handmade soaps, serums, masks, deodorants, lotions and much more!

2. Custom Illustrations and Art

Shoppers Guide to Small Business Saturday Custom Illustrations

Brittany Viklund of Viklund Made creates custom one-of-a-kind illustrations of couples, families, kids, and pets. These make for unique handmade gifts for Christmas, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, new home owners and so on! Check out her custom illustrations and give someone a truly meaningful gift.

Find and collect custom illustrated stickers! Sister's Sunflowers creates illustrations for local places and areas she's visited and turns them into stickers. Most of her stickers represent nature areas or animals in Pennsylvania. Shop stickers here.

Meet Shannon Scate, artist, founder and visonary of Unparalleled Art LLC. Shannon believes that we all are walking talking art and we all have something unique to express. Her expression is the visual celebration of beauty in black culture and black women, which is why I love to use vibrant colors and designs. Alongside the art, find stories of the women her artwork represents to provide more context and facilitate understanding, empathy, transparency. Shop her artwork here.

Shoppers Guide to Small Business Saturday Watercolor Art

Mollie from Mollie Ann Orginals (formerly called The Prints and the Pea) creates handmade watercolor paintings and prints for nurseries, children’s rooms, and pet and house portraits. She especially loves creating whimsical, embellished watercolors with various textures. Every piece she creates is custom and made-to-order. Give any family the perfect gift to cherish for years to come. Shop her artwork here.

Find fun, colorful stickers and wall art from Northern and Noted! Designs are authnetically created and inspired by everyday life. Shop her Designs here.

Find the PERFECT gift for those inspired by geek culture, history, mythology, fantasy, sci-fi and anime. Lindsey M. Dillion is an award winning Sacramento, CA based ceramic artist. Shop her handmade ceramic mugs here.

BAM Illustrations is a one woman owned small business! Find art prints, apparel, pins and buttons, stickers, tote bags and other orginal designs. Most artwork represents visuals from movies and animated films. Shop her illustrations here.

3. Handmade Gifts

Find "burried" treasure at Underground Treasures Home. They create home decor and jewlery out of beautiful natural stones. Dig up some unique gifts for someone who loves to display or use natural stones, minerals or crystals. Find your next treasure here.

This is a whole new take on gifting socks! Dean and Bean's Sock Machines allow you to easily kint your own socks! Dean and his sister, nicknamed Bean, have combined thier passion for designing and building new things with thier love of knitting to create Circular Sock Knitting Machines.

"Level up your kitting and start cranking!"

These machines are 3D-printed and manufactured in the United States. They provide access to all of the tools needed plus step-by-step instructions to crank out beautifully handcrafted socks on our machines. Shop Dean and Beans Sock Machines here.

Good smells can bring joy to our day or help us re-live a happy memmory. Oakmont Candle Works candles are handmade in Oakmount, PA and are organic and clean burning. They use USA grown organic soy and cotton wicks dipped in beeswax that makes for an even cleaner burn (no harm to the bees!). Even the glass used is manufactured here in the states. Candles make great gifts for all! Support a small business or local candle maker like Oakmont Candle Works. Shop thier candles here.

Once a 9-5er in the gruling restuarant industry, now a custom aparrel screen printer, Amanda Dunigan founded Salt & Pine Co. Handmade in Maine, her company embodies her favorite things, salt from the ocean and pine from the trees. To shop small and create custom apparel for your own brand or event, you can order here. You can also shop Pine & Salt Co. graphic apparel here.

Candles not only smell good, but they can make you feel good too. Inner Light Magick born out of Brooklyn, NY creates all natural candles for auromatherapy, blessings, healing and manifestation. Start your healing journey or create mindfullness moments with Inner Light Magick candles, shop here.

4. Sweet Treats

"We realized that celebration and gathering so often take place around a kitchen table, and that's what we wanted to create."

Texan Cafe Savage Goods started in 2013 by Michelle, her husband and sister-in-law, began as a hobby stand at the nearby farmer’s market in El Paso, TX. As the business grew, they all soon realized that not only is food an essential part of life, but it's what helps draw people together. Shop sweet treats for the holidays here.

Shoppers Guide to Small Business Saturday Sweet Treats

Mollycoddled Hash Slinger is an artisan sugar confections company located in Oklahoma. They cook their confections in small batches and hand cut and hand packaged each batch using high quality, pure ingredients. Looking for unique handmade gifts for someone who has a sweet tooth? Nothing is more special than delivering some sweet treats from a one-of-a-kind small confections shop that you can't buy just anywhere. Shop confections here.

The perfect gift for the cocktail lover! Sunlit Avage Wine Cocktails based out of Los Angeles, CA are lower in ABV, so it's a great options for those who want to be more mindful and healthy when it comes to drinking. The best part? It's doesn't sacrifice on flavor! By fermenting 100% Blue Agave to produce wine (instead of distilling it to make Tequila), we can serve up a premium cocktail with the same signature flavor while being lighter, smoother, and refreshingly easy to sip. Order a Sunlit Cocktail as a gift or try one yourself here.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is selling cookies around the year! And that's exactly what Mrs. Clause Cookie Co does. Ashley, a project manager turned baker, turned her passion of baking and her love of christmas time into a full time business based out of Rosenburg, TX. Find homemade cookies, and cookie cakes here for the next time your sweet tooth has a craving.

"Christmas is a nostolgic, feel-good, happy time of year and that's what I wanted to be able to spread all year round with Mrs. Claus Cookie Co."

5. Something for the Fur Babies

Doesn't man's best friend deserve man's best treats? That is exactly what Sugar Plum by Kate aims to do for all the dogs out there. Sugar Plum by Kate is a small business in the Los Angeles area that makes small-batch gluten-free and preservative-free dog treats. All the ingredients that go into thier baked treats can be found in your own kitchen. Give your fur baby some delicious homemade snacks! Shop pup treats here.

Shouldn't your furry best friend be as stylish as you? Find stylish doggie bows, bandannas and collars at Best Freinds Supply Co, based out of Boston, MA. Shop a variety of patterns both seasonal and non seasonal fashion statements.

Beyond fashionable items for your pup, Best Freinds Supply Co. supports dog owners by making dog advocacy leash sleeves which help to inform others of your dog's particular situation. Some dogs need a little extra space and other dogs get nervous around strangers, so these leash sleeves let everyone know how to interact with you and your pup while you're out in public. Check out all these doggie accssories here.


Tell us how your small business got started, why you do what you do, and how you decided to use rubber stamps in your business. We'd love to share your story with others and inspire more people to support small and dream big!

Thanks for sharing your story, we love a good read. We'll stay in touch and reach out shortly.
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