Stamped Cookies to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Rubber stamps and paper have such a strong association that it’s easy to forget you can use stamps with other materials as well. Everything from fabric, to wood, and yes – even food! What's born is a delicious creation: stamped cookies.

We didn’t quite trust our baking skills to create sugar cookies that were edible (we're more of the eating type), so we enlisted the help of an amazing local bakery, Sweet Tooth. However, if you have any type of skill in the kitchen, this project is definitely feasible as a DIY.


The final product consists of a cut-out section of fondant placed on a sugar cookie. The fondant is stamped with the phrases using a black soft gel paste food color.

To ensure a crisp impression, make sure your stamp is evenly covered with dye (but not globbed on!). Use soft pressure when stamping so that you only get the essential parts of the stamp on the fondant.

With the possibility for customization, stamped cookies are great for holidays, birthdays, weddings and more.

For more information on the fabulous Sweet Tooth, check out their website, Facebook page and Instagram account.


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