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Stamped Stuff: Poler Stuff's Unique Branding Technique

Poler Stuff is the adventurer’s shopping paradise. The store offers sleeping bags, tents, bags, accessories and everything in between. Their vibe is laidback and the design is colorful and quality-driven.

With a new location opening up in Laguna Beach, the store needed a unique way to brand their shopping bags. Somebody mentioned stamps, and the rest was history!

Every successful business needs great branding, and stamps are a creative and inexpensive way to do so. Anyone can upload their company’s logo, tagline, campaign slogan, etc. right on and have a one-of-a-kind marketing device.

The stamps used at Poler Stuff’s Laguna Beach location feature key brand aspects, including their eye logo, “camp vibes” phrase and rustic appearance.

Poler Stuff’s Laguna Beach space is a retail shop, café, art gallery and more — a definite check-out if you’re in the area. For more information on Poler Stuff, follow them on instagram (@polerlaguna and @polerstuff), Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

*Photos by Brandon Smith.



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