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Stamps the “Natural” Choice for Bohemian Shepherdess

The Bohemian Shepherdess is a natural skincare company specializing in creating small-batch body care products. Many of the products feature plants grown on the family’s sustainable micro farm (Myers Family Micro Farm), as well as honey from their hives and milk from their dairy goats.

Owner Mindy Myers started the small business after searching for safe, natural products for her family. “I was inspired by watching the beautiful working relationship between plants and animals on our family’s micro farm,” she said. “With this inspiration I began to create farmstead products that work together for the benefit of our skin.”
Myers takes great care in putting a special touch on each of her orders so that “no two orders are the same.” Rubber stamps on product packaging help to do just that, including custom designs on cloth bags, paper bags, gift bags, labels and shipping boxes.
“In my opinion, hand stamped boxes or bags look professional, yet not mechanical. Personal, but not too homemade,” Myers said. “It’s extremely exciting to open a product that you have ordered online and find your product wrapped in beautiful custom packaging. This personal touch is the experience I wanted for my customers.”
And the inspiration behind the unique, farm-themed stamp designs? The goats! The goats, or more specially, two images of S’mores the goat, appear on the square Farmstead Skincare stamps. The words “Goat Milk Soap” appear nice and large on the rectangle stamp as well. Both stamps also feature plant graphics to remind customers of the natural ingredients.
“Our goats are truly the star of the show!” Myers said. “They provide us with rich milk for making our luxurious soaps, but they also provide wonderful companionship and hours of entertainment!”

{Photos courtesy of Mindy Myers}



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