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TAPA (Kaendl): Handmade Candles From Start to Finish

TAPA (Kaendl) pours love into each and every candle they produce. From the supplies to the packaging, the Brooklyn-based company believes in quality products that reach beyond the confines of their studio.

With top-notch production and resourcefulness on the mind, TAPA makes their candles in small batches with 100% soy wax and essential and natural base oils. They are then hand poured into Brooklyn-made, re-useable drinking glasses. The end result is a two-in-one creation that’s both soothing and thrifty.

Light the wick of a TAPA candle and be transported to a new location around the world. Each scent is named and inspired by a different place one of the founders has been to. From Big Sur, to the Alps, to Egypt, be reminded of your own adventures or encouraged to create new ones.

Using rubber stamps on their packaging made sense economically and environmentally for TAPA, and stuck to the idea of handmade quality – something important to the company’s mission. TAPA’s packaging is stamped with custom designs featuring the company’s logos and scent names.

To learn more about TAPA (Kaendl), visit their website or follow them on Instagram (@tapacandles).



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