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Types of Rubber Stamp Mounts: Which Stamp is Right for You?

Different types of rubber stamp mounts offer different benefits, depending on your intended use. Whether you have tasks that need quick, repetitive stamping, or a job that requires special ink, it's important to know the stamp that can do the job best!

Here’s the low-down on traditional, engraved wood, clear, self-inking and pre-inked stamps.

Traditional Rubber Stamps with a Handle

Tried and true, the traditional rubber stamp with a handle mount has been around the longest and is still very popular today. It features red rubber attached to a wooden mount with a wooden handle for a secure grip during stamping.

The traditional style is an economical stamp option for both business and personal needs. It requires a separate stamp pad to ink, but that also means it's perfect for special ink needs, like industrial ink, washable ink, clear print opaque ink, invisible ink and more.

Wood Rubber Stamps

Wood stamp mounts feature a laser-engraved index for a beautiful aesthetic, while others feature stickers. Both mounts feature red rubber attached to their wooden base. Both styles are great economical stamp options for both business and personal needs.

This type of stamp mount does require a separate ink pad, but that also means it’s perfect for special ink needs, like industrial ink, washable ink, clear print opaque ink, invisible ink, and more. Many crafters prefer the engraved wood style mount for its eye-pleasing appearance, ability to quickly show what each stamp’s impression is, and versatile ink usage for DIY projects. 

Clear Stamps

Clear stamps are typically made from transparent photopolymer and stick to clear acrylic blocks. This type of stamp allows you to see through for exact placement, and a slightly tacky texture helps ink stick to even the most detailed designs. Simply stick the stamp to the acrylic block, and then ink, stamp, and clean it normally before peeling it off again.

Clear stamps are most commonly used in card making and crafting. Gridlines on most acrylic blocks allow for exact placement on not only the mount but the stamping destination. You can even place two or more clear stamps on one clear mount at a time for added creativity.

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Self-Inking Rubber Stamps

Have a job that requires rapid, repetitive stamping? A self-inking stamp is your best solution. This stamp type features a self-contained ink pad, which re-inks the rubber die-plate before each impression. Self-inking die-plates feature water-based ink for less bleed-through, are re-inkable, refillable, and come in varying colors. Most self-inking stamps last for thousands of impressions.

Self-inking stamps typically cost a bit more than traditional or wood mounts, but don't require a seperate ink pad and offer consistently even impressions. Most self-inking stamp mounts also feature a clear base, which allows you to accurately line up an impression. Self-inking stamps are perfect for people who need quality impressions that are fast, clean and easy.

Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps

Pre-inked stamps offer crisp, sharp impressions for superior quality every time. This style of mount comes with a pre-inked cartridge, so that the stamp pad essentially becomes part of the stamp and the ink flows through the die plate to make the impression. An oil-based ink creates high-quality impressions for designs that require intricate details, such as signatures or notary seals. A raised base allows you to place the stamp down and align your impression before actually stamping. Plus, stamping is virtually silent and requires minimum pressure, which makes it a great stamp option for a quiet office.

Pre-inked rubber stamp mounts are the most expensive of these stamps, but don’t require a separate ink pad, offer the most precise impressions, and are maintenance-free for up to 25,000 impressions before re-inking is necessary. Pre-inked stamps come in a variety of mounts and sizes for any need.

As you can see, whatever your needs, there are rubber stamp mounts that can make your life or work much easier! To see all of our custom stamps and ink color options, visit

Types of Rubber Stamps: Review

Embossers vs Stamps?

Embossers and stamps are both popular tools for personalizing and identifying documents, but they work in different ways. A stamp uses ink to create a 2-dimensional impression on paper, whereas an embosser uses a hand lever and pressure to create a raised impression on paper. The raised impression, or embossment, is created by pressing a metal die into the paper, creating a three-dimensional image.

Stamps are generally more versatile, as they can be used to make impressions on a variety of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, and fabric. They are also more affordable and widely available. Embossers, on the other hand, have a more professional and elegant look than stamps. They are typically used for stationery, official documents and certificates.  

In summary, stamps are more versatile and affordable while embossers have a more elegant and professional look. Both are useful tools with different applications and it depends on the specific use case for which one is more appropriate.



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