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We Found Buried Treasure! - A Look into Underground Treasures Home

Are you looking to spruce up your home? Underground Treasures Home is taking the eye-catching beauty of nature's treasures and bringing them into your home.

We were lucky enough to get a chance to have a conversation with Sheri Hecocks of Underground Treasures Home and talk with her about her business and how she has found success using our stamps!

How did Underground Treasures come to be?

When my husband Clay and I were first married, he mentioned how interested he was in geology. He has always been intrigued by how gems and minerals form and how heat and pressure transform their structure resulting in unique and often awe-inspiring treasures. He started collecting when he was young and, as an adult, would be drawn to geological museums and rock shops. When he first explained it to me, I responded with, "Wait! You pay money for rocks?"

I didn't get it until he showed me. I truly was in awe! It is fascinating to realize what it takes to create such beauty. Minerals in the earth press up against one another, a caterpillar crawls into a tough chrysalis, and we as humans bump up against circumstances and choices. After the struggle, the result is often beautiful. Not always. Not all rocks are beautiful, some butterflies look more like moths, and some of us fail to learn from our mistakes. But looking at the gems and minerals from this perspective has given me a deeper appreciation.

From the start of our young marriage until today, we have been busy with the affairs of life: raising a family and building careers. As we were wrapping up one adventure and looking for the proverbial "what's next", Clay began to seriously pursue his passion for geology. He completed a certification program, traveled the world collecting unique specimens, and launched

Can you tell us more about your background?

Having a background in interior design, I began to explore the use of gems and minerals in home décor. I have always had a bent for natural elements. Cotton, linen, leather, wood, and glass along with the gems and minerals have brought warmth and authenticity to my designs. Being an artist at heart, I love the use of color and texture to create the feeling of nature within the interior. From that passion came UnderGround Treasures Home.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to join Clay on his journey and to make it my own. I love the hunt for unique items, meeting interesting artisans, and helping clients find that one special treasure that transforms their space into a haven.

We really love your logo, can you tell us a bit about it?

Our logo journey began in the spring of 2020. We had been considering an update and the shutdown provided the perfect opportunity to invest some brainpower in the project. We wanted something simple, yet memorable that would quickly translate who we are. Every gem and mineral purveyor uses a drawing of a quartz crystal, agate slice, or mining tools. We were hoping for something more original.

After hundreds of attempts, we finally chose the simple icon that could be interpreted in several different ways. Maybe it’s a mountain with the “gems” hidden underneath or an actual diamond or maybe it is that proverbial quartz crystal. The interpretation is left to the beholder and that’s what we love about it!

How are you using your stamps?

I have, so far, used the stamps for branding our boxes. I wanted something that looked professional but still had a “handmade” feel. Our products are natural and rough, but still uniquely beautiful. I want our packaging to send that same message. The stamps have helped to accomplish that.

We have two variations of our logo - one for UnderGround Treasures which is museum-quality gem and mineral specimens, and one for UnderGround Treasures Home which is natural home décor. We have stamps for both and can easily recognize stock as well as communicate to our customers which product they have.

I am anxious to find other fun ways of using them. It has been suggested to try them on fabrics for branding hats and shirts. I will need to research the ink for that as I am new to this. The artist in me wants to do more - I am thinking Thank You cards and Gift Tags along with some embossing. I would love to learn more about the products and how they can be used.

How do you prepare your small business/brand for the holiday season?

We are preparing for a busy Market season that kicks off the holidays. I will be taking the stamps with me to use along the way. We have created some gift sets and have already stamped the boxes for those. I imagine we will come up with other ideas along our journey. The stamps are small, easy to travel, and will allow me the versatility to try new things and create as we go.

How can customers find you?

To shop, get in contact with, and see more from Underground Treasures Home check out their Instagram and website!


Tell us how your small business got started, why you do what you do, and how you decided to use rubber stamps in your business. We'd love to share your story with others and inspire more people to support small and dream big!

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