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Liquid Frisket Watercolor Prints

Paul and Kaitlyn work with a masking fluid called liquid frisket to make custom watercolor prints. There's also a lot of sniffing and rhyming going on.


- My hands are sweaty, hope this doesn't affect my crafting ability. Pits are sweating.

(Paul laughs)

Let's do this.




- All smut.

- Smut? Smug?

- Smug.

- Today, we are working with liquid frisket. Not brisket.

- I wish we were working with brisket.

- It's this handy-dandy little white liquid. You squeeze this on the paper, and it masks it. You can paint over it, you can stamp over it, and then it magically reveals what you wrote.

- [Paul] Here's what you need.

- [Kaitlyn] Liquid frisket.

- [Paul] Fine tip applicator bottle.

- [Kaitlyn] Watercolor paper.

- [Paul] Watercolor paints.

- [Kaitlyn] Paint brush.

- [Paul] Rubber stamps.

- [Kaitlyn] Stamp ink.

- [Paul] Picture frames.

- And a dropper. Okay, so we have some watercolor paper.

- Okay. So what's really the difference between watercolor paper and any other paper? Just thicker?

- Yeah, it's thicker, it's acid free.

- You can't just read the front like you know everything about it.

- (laughing) Excellent for watercolor techniques. So, I have Incredible White Mask. You're not supposed to shake it cause' it causes bubbles. I was reading that you're literally supposed to give it one turn a day, and then the next day, you turn it again.

- Forever?

- [Boy] For-ev-er.

- This specific package came with the Dipstik.

(suspenseful music)

- Hmm.

- And I tried it and it's just a lot of work.

- So take your Dipstik and get it out of here.

- [Crew Member] Ow.

(Kaitlyn laughs)

- Sorry Steve.

- I was reading up on the blogs, and saw that, you can get some fine line applicators that work great. This one already has a little bit. Squeeze some in here.

- I'll let you squeeze.

- You could pour, but that's too dangerous.

- [Paul] Whoa, is it supposed to be this milky on top?

- Oh, you just gotta!

- Oh my Gosh. That stinks.

- Yeah it's not

- Ugh.

- It kinda smells like rotting animal.

(Paul laughs)

- Oh my gosh. This stuff isn't like toxic or anything?

- I wouldn't breathe heavily.

- Okay, well, as a fellow mouth breather.

- Fellow?

- I've seen you. You, you're sometimes catching flies.




- [Together] There we go.

- So this one's a little thicker. There's also not as much in there, but your name's shorter.

- That's true.

- So we're gonna write our names. Alright, let's write.

- Alright. It's not coming out.

- It might be stuck in there.

- [Paul] Oh, that's a big bubble.

- [Kaitlyn] You kinda wanna pop the bubbles.

- Oh no.

- Ugh.


You wanna push the base down.

- There we go.

- Do you wanna start over?

- Nope, we've gone too far.

(Kaitlyn laughs)

That's really good. I regret mine.

- This old thing?

And when it dries, it becomes sort of translucent. So like maybe a half hour.

- Half an hour, that's it?

- Yeah.

(blows raspberry)

Alright. Let's let it dry.

- Alright. To the basement breakroom.

(harp music)


- Ah.

- So.

(deep sighing)

- About two hours later.

- So it looks translucent. Now we can watercolor.

- So it's been a while since I've watercolored. How much water should I really get on the brush? Cause' I feel like as a kid, I overdid it.

- Umm

- It's just a magical touch. It's the - it's a fine line.

- A magical touch?

- Wet the bristles. Maybe like shake it off a little bit. So, I'm gonna do some pink. Is it called ombré? Or omber? I don't really know.

(laughing) You don't have to be so gentle.

- You just wanna caress the paint.

(soft music)

- What's it called?

- Frisket.

- Frisket!

- Chicken in a frisket.

(Kaitlyn laughs)

Is it chicken in a biscuit or chicken and a biscuit?

- Let's find out.

(dramatic music)

(engine revs)

(tires squeal)

(dramatic music)

Uh sponsor.

- Sponsored by (clucks).

- What is the paint telling you?


- She's evil?

(Kaitlyn gasps)


- Just have silence.

- I mean, it's fine because this is gonna be cut up.

- Hmm?


Is this your first time working with watercolors?

- Or if it's not.

- I wasn't raised by wolves, like I had a childhood.


I watercolored. Some of us like to be a little more abstract.

- Hmmm?

Get out of here.


Watch out.

- Look at mine.

- Once it dries like slightly, you could lay something flat on it if it's a little crinkly and then we will stamp.

- Yes.

This thing doesn't work.

(dolphin sound)


(harp music)

- [Paul] Hey!

- Oh.

Looks pretty nice.

- Nice and dry.

- Just a little plug, if I may: You can literally put anything on a stamp.

- Anything!


- [Kaitlyn] Got some Re:Marks Pigment Ink.

- Is there any color that can fix this mess?

- There you go, there you go.

- And then find where you wanna put it and just!

(Kaitlyn laughs)

And just.

(sirens wail)

And just.


And just.

- And, oh my God!

(Kaitlyn laughing)

- Oh gosh that is so bad, Kaitlyn why didn't you stop me?

- Oh.

Freshly cut wood.


- Smells like tires, I don't know how you get campfire out of that.

- Take a sniff of the wood.

(triumphant music)

We should probably just let the ink dry for a smidge. Just give it 10 minutes okay?

- Wouldn't it be impressive if we sat here for 10 minutes?

(Kaitlyn laughs)

(elevator music)

- Okay, so, the ink will be dry, it'll be a little wet on the actual frisket part.

- This is kind of fun.

- I know.



- Frisket.

Ooh I almost got it.

It's like mozzarella, oops. (italian music)

- Watch out. (laughs)

It's gonna poke me in the eye.

See it looks nice.

- [Paul] Yeah, it's not bad, if you look at it far away.

- [Kaitlyn] I mean, check it out.

- That completes our frisket, brisket, Triscuit project.

- So if you have any questions, comments, trolling to do...Shoot us a message.

- Mm-hmm.

- Leave a comment below.

- And definitely give us a (thumbs up)!


That concludes this episode of Fake--

- It--

- Till--

- You--

- Make--

- [Together] It.

- I'm Paul.

- I'm Kaitlyn.

- And we'll see you next time.


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